Electro Event Glitch / Abstract / IDM Maschinensound / Industrial / Noise Moogulator live Music 

9.9.17 today – 23:59 TV Stream music: Ümit Han, Bob Humid, Moogulator, Stefan Gubatz

today – starting to play live @ LSB TV – Stream Link https://www.alex-berlin.de/tv/livestream.html
tune in – today – SAT 23:59!

Ümit Han
Bob Humid
Stefan Gubatz
Moogulator 2:00 (my scheduled time)


Vj Dioptrien
Uli Sigg

what happened to us @ LSB TV Cologne –
our stream started to work at 1:40 (sorry for that) and we all played a set and afterwards jammed together – wonderful – I went to bed at 12:00 the next day – so it was a great gathering for us.

lsb.TV Cologne premiere (official trailer)


pics are here

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