UI Software release new Metasynth 5 – graphics to sounds tool

MetaSynth 5 is out! Universal binary, Leopard-compatible. Requires OS X.4 or later.

Morphs Sounds, sequences images and convolves samples..

features – more on their sites on sound editor, synthesis and more..:

MetaSynth 5 is universal binary, multi-threaded and fully Leopard-compatible.

❑ Recording available in both Sample Editor and Montage Room.

❑ 32-bit floating point sound buffers and 64-bit floating point math for all audio operations.

❑ Full support for .caf and .wav files.

❑ MetaSynth 5 can read and write .aif, .sd2, .caf and .wav files in all
Add output device selection to Preferences.

❑ MetaSynth no longer uses the default output device chosen
in Audio MIDI Setup. MetaSynth now allows the selection of any available output device.
Files can be saved at up to 32-bit resolution.

❑ Much longer sounds can be loaded and created than previously.

416€ is the price in euros.

REQUIREMENTS: OS X.4 or later. Currently, MetaSynth is not fully-compatible with 2-byte OS versions such as Japanese. If you use a 2-byte OS, please try the demo version to make sure that it is compatible with your OS.

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