Vermona Synthesizer 1983

Vermona Synthesizer
the 1983 made vintage Synth by Vermona looked like this..

 Vermona Synth overview..
vermona synthesizer 

click the vermona synthesizer to enlarge…

Vermona Synthesizer built 1983 rare (300€)
1 Voice 1x Multitimbral no Memory
Tec subtractive
subtractive analog (analog+digital hybrid: no)
Waves saw pulse noise
2 OSCs + 4 Sub © moogulator for
1 Filter lpf self reso 4 Pole
1 LFOs tri saw square
1 ENVs 1x ADSR ctrl by no
44 Keys respond to AT/VEL no
Sequencer no Arpeggiator no

more.. Vermona Synthesizer

VermonaVermona Synth overview..

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