VINCE CLARKE – Korg MS20 in focus

the classic humour of Vince with the MS20 formed this video for you all to watch, brilliantly layed out.

the white house, japan 2012

via VINCE CLARKE – The Analogue Monologues – Part VIII: The Korg MS20 – YouTube.

Der Vince erzählt was er mit Heiniken gesprochen habe, aber sie verkaufen halt Bier und keine Synthesizer, deshalb hat er seine Pfeile selbst geschnipselt und berichtet wahrheitsgetreu in diesem vincigen aber unterhaltsamen Vinceo – aaaand you pretty cool germans behind the moon – you can learn how to pronounce SYNTH correctly, and it’s a synthesiser, not a synthesizer, you mophos!

some non MS20 content from vinces studio..

Vince Clarke - The Cabin Studio 2012

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