Waldorf Microwave Editor @ OS X

just to let you know, there is a Microwave I and II editor

Looks like a multiwindow hack and good too have after the slow death of sounddiver. http://splashbeats.de/mwedit/mwedit.html#screenshots

Thanks to the author it is free for both synths. there are OS9 Versions, too.

Looks like it has Wave/Table edit, not sure if there is UPAW support (yet.)? I asume not yet..

Waldorf Microwave Microwave1 mw1 synthesizer

whats the Waldorf?  MicrowaveXTk, MicrowaveXT 

Microwave2, MW2

Microwave, Microwave1, mw1
Waldorf MicrowaveXTk MicrowaveXT synthesizer

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