Waldorf STVC Vocoder + Moog DFAM Synth

Waldorf STVC Synth Vocoder

Waldorf scheint eine Art Keyboard-Streichfett zu machen, STVC heißt er, VC könnte steht für Vocoder (Sprechkäse-Style) und sieht ganz nett aus. Eine Stringmachine mit Vocoder umd genau zu sein mit den Features des bekannten Streichfett Forum Talk pre NAMM

this new Keyboard looks like the Streichfett String Synth with Vocoder (hence the Name STVC?)
it’s just that in the typical Waldorf look / Key.comes with gooseneck microphone.
waldorf-stvc vocoder

Moog DFAM Drummer from another Mother (silly name and not really a drum synth but a synth with 8 step sequencer – that name might confuse everyone. so just think: synth – drums maybe because of those small envelopes. Decay!

the just posted a new Video of the April 2017 announced analog Synth – sounds cool – to me at least, it is monophonic so don’t expect a drum machine, might be a bit misleading – it’s more a bass synth: