24.10 Oscillate Düsseldorf mit Joker Nies FÄLLT AUS!

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    Termin fällt aus wegen Krankheit. SORRY!

    Oscillate 02 an Analog Music Event.
    24.10.12 @ Salon des Amateurs

    Live Improvisations by

    Joker Nies
    on circuit bend electronics and obscure synthesizers

    Franz Schuier
    on Buchla & Serge Modular Synths plus Syncronator visuals

    Djs. Tolouse Lowtrax & Frank Bauer

    Incl. Q&A/Presentation of Buchla, Serge, Hordijk and Circuitbend Instruments

    Nearly one year after Part.1 Oscillate returns full swing.
    Listening to the feedback of our last event with Rastko and Lu Katavist, we decided to change the mode of performance.
    Both artist will do a improvisation set and a following presentation and Q&A about their instruments. Pleasure for the musiclovers as well as the gearheads.

    With Joker Nies we managed to recruit an internationally acclaimed artist and performer know for his very expressive and musical style.

    20:00 Doors
    20:30 Franz
    21:00 Q&A
    21:30 Joker
    22:00 Q&A
    22:30 Joker & Franz
    23:00 Q&A/Djs...

    **Joker Nies**
    Lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, sound-designer, sound-engineer, photographer and technical editor for the German Sound&Recording and Keyboards magazines.
    Since the early 80´s, Nies experiments with all kinds of electronic sound-sources and software based sound-sources. During the early 90´s, modifying the Omnichord became his initiation to what is known as circuit-bending. Since that time a steadily growing number of devices has been converted from simple toys into alien sound devices with a broad range of sounds, that can be played with great expression and musical gesture.Recent activities include playing live in various constellation, software synth-design in MAX/MSP for the german Keyboards magazine, and production and sound design for radio-plays. Nies also holds workshops and tutorials about circuit-bending/circuit-design and synth-design in MAX/MSP.
    His musical activities are centered around an improvisational aproach, though he also cooperates in composition-based multimedia projects with REALTIME-RESEARCH, the QUANTUM QUASI dance performances, Suguru Gotos Net-Body project and touring intensively with his trio Die Schrauber.
    Joker Nies worked with artists like John Butcher, Ernst Reijsinger, Thomas Lehn, Alan Silva, Dave Tucker, Seth Josel, Hans Tammen, Gino Robair, Günther Christmann, Georg Wissel and many others in all of Europe, Africa, USA, India and Mexico.
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    Termin fällt aus wegen Krankheit. Canceled because of illness... SORRY!
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