360 infinite rotating keyboard stand

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  1. 360

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    Amazing fully rotating keyboard stand without any cable issues. I've built it for myself, but decided to propose it to other static keyboard players...

  2. 360

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  3. Neo

    Neo ..

    Great, but I don`t realy get it. Can I buy this, or is it just a Diy Project ?
  4. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    to me it looks like a commercial video, am I wrong?
  5. tom f

    tom f Ignoranten können nun ignorieren.

    well... one could question the practical use of spinning around while playing ;-)

    unless you play in the center of a stadium or you are a dancing derwish you would probably feel sick pretty soon :mrgreen:
  6. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    saw that on some concerts but it's not my concept :)

    It's a good thing to think about how to move the "keyboarders" since it always looks like impressionist nerds (as Mr. Numan said).
    saw something like that at M.Manson, Rammstein and Das Ich (the last one was the best solution since you could move it all over the stage rather than just turning it clockwise/anticlockwise on just one place. nailed to stage. but looks better and "feels" more "rock'n'roll", possibly?

    feel inspired.
  7. 360

    360 .

    Sorry for the delay,

    It's firstly a diy project, but I decided to make it buildable for other people, and propose it for sale for the ones interested.

    The purpose is not to spin around during all gig ! Personally, I use it to change my view angles, play facing each musician and audience, turn it slowly while playing, and indeed, make some show by spinning around while holding a chord with the sustain pedal, then catch it back for the next note... Amazing...

    Made in Belgium.
  8. shiroiyuki

    shiroiyuki .....

    Very nicely done! :supi:

    I think this can really improve the optical part of the performance of a band if the keyboardplayer uses just one workstation/masterkeyboard.


    BTW: Welcome to the forum! :)
  9. ppg360

    ppg360 fummdich-fummdich-ratata

    It brings out that little Trent Reznor in you. Or it´s going to test your sense of equilibrium...