6 TRACK GROOVE SYNTHESIZER / Home Bake Instruments

GROOVES is a synthesizer with 5 drum parts and 1 bass part. The sequencer with 64 patterns and the delay of a send effect are carried.

BASS part

WAVETABLE Select the waveform of the base part.

CUTOFF Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter.

Adjusts the peak of the RES lowpass filter

AMOUNT Sets the amount of lowpass filter envelope adaptation

TUNE Sets the pitch of the base part

LFO RATE Sets the operating frequency of the LFO.

LFO AMOUNT Sets the LFO adaptation. By default, it is set to WAVETABLE, but it can also be applied to TUNE and CUTOFF.

Sets the decay of the ENV envelope.

DRUM part

Select from BD 3 types.

Select from SD, 3CH, 4OH 2 types.

Switch between RS rimshot and CLAP.