Arp 2500 Modules/proposals

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  1. Hi everybody!

    I've just got an Arp 2500 in São Paulo,Brazil,where I'm from. It's in great condition,but it has only 7 modules,so there's space for much more. 1st of all I'm looking

    for more original oscillator modules , does anybody knows where can I find some? I know they're rare...! Also,I want one of those original multimode filter modules..

    Then,another idea would be to get some custom made modules that could work inside this machine. Any suggestions/names?


    Apollo Nove
  2. !Olá!
    You're looking for a hen's tooth. I think you should prepare yourself for some DIY or at least for paying someone for some soldering work for you.

    A good starting point for Arp 2500 circuits is Analogue Metropolis a.k.a. The Emulator Archive:

    I never dealt with them but they are around for some time and I never heard any complaints on them them.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Hey,

    Thank you, Ilanode !

    I'm aware of them,and might do some modules there,but I guess they won't do the osc modules...let me check!

    Thank you!

  4. karsai

    karsai .

    Hey there,

    just know that the C.M.S Company ( repairs and upgrades vintage synthesizers also the ARP 25000, maybe you find help there, they also built very unique but also expensive modules. hope could help a little.

    cheers from austria