Behringer Polykobol

Today, we have another exciting update on the Polykobol development. The Polykobol is not only one the most sought after polyphonic synths but also it’s considered one of the best sounding synths of all times, due to its very unusual voice architecture.

Listen how beautiful this synth sounds like:

The Polykobol was designed by the French company RSF in the early ‘80s. Less than 40 synths were ever made and only 20 units are still in existence. We like to specially thank Olivier Grall for lending us one of his units.

Our Frech lead engineer Gilles spent huge amount of time to analyze the analog circuitry of the Polykobol and now recreated the voice “bread board” by transforming it into a modern design, while retaining the authentic behavior or the original circuitry.

The voice “bread board”, which for now only consists of two voices, is completed, together with all front panel control boards. This is the final step before moving to the actual electronic design of the synthesizer.

Because this is equally one of the most complex synthesizer ever designed, we’re still a long way from delivering a final product, but we hope you’ll find this Information interesting.
Wish us much luck with this ambitious project - like with the DS-80, there is also a substantial risk that we won’t succeed, hence we like to be upfront with you.

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