Cwejman modules 2nd hand for sale anywhere?

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  1. Hi there,

    I there a place where modules are frequently sold?
    2nd hand is often just as good as new....but just a little cheaper :)

    Or am I stuck and will have buy them new....
  2. Neo

    Neo ..

    I doubt that you will find many second hand modules out there. It`s simply too early for a second hand market.
  3. Probably you are right....

    I'm new in modular world.

    Maybe there are alternatives for Cwejmans VM-1 module?
    i heard about Wiard waveform city....

    I want very fast envelops and fat VCo's :D
  4. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Fast Envs is true on wiard, i'd say a nice way of clean sound is the way their VCOs sound like, "phat" is more like you want moog or something..

    and: of course the VCOs of Wiard aren't thin, but since you asked for "fat"..
  5. MMM, maybe you are right about those Moog VCO's

    Maybe i'll need to be more specific.
    I heard a Cwejman S1 in real life and i really love that sound.
    Like i also really like the sound of a Arp 2600.

    I think those synths sound very well too. Maybe not that moog oooomphfffff

    Maybe i'm wrong but i think ARP and the Cwejman have more rich hightones then a moog. And maybe a little less low end. That isn't thát a big deal for me.

    I also heard of Plan B, is that a option?

    In september I will be in berlin for a test day at schneidersbuero (nothing but love for berlin btw, i loved there :) )

    Thanks for the replies!

    ps Wiard is very expensive i think :sad:
  6. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Hmm, to my ears they are just seemingly more "accurate" or "clean" or more "analytic" (arp), cwejman sounds modern and snappy / clicky which is cool these days! but it has quite some dirt in it, especially filters, but sort of "cleaner" dirt which is still dirtier than dirty dirt, so to speak ;-)

    plan B is an option but different in sound, imho Arpegiator and Cwejmanx do not have too much in common since arp sound is more wide/broad (I assume thats the high harmonics and the filter behaviour)..

    Wiard is hard to get and expensive for non Americans and even for US CItizens after re-pricing the new modules back in the old rack..

    at schneiders you'll be able to check them out..
    cwejman is a cool system and has it's own charme..

    imo you sound a lot like wanting one before others, so if you like the sound get one of those.. I don't think there's much to regret buying one.

  7. Yep that's it, more precise or something, sharp.

    It will be a fun day at schneidersbuero :)

    Thanks for the info
  8. Hey there,

    Anyone got a suggestion for a midi>cv

    i want note on and off ofcource but I also want some
    other parameter available for midiautomation such as cutoff/ envelope amount.

    I will automate this with my daw.

    Is a kenton pro solo anything?
  9. verstaerker

    verstaerker ||||||||||

    doepfer A-190
  10. A 190 is only for pitch and 1 otherparameter...

    Are there any converters with 1 for pitch and 3 other parameters?

    that would be enough for me....