hat jemand Erfahrung mit EMXP und dem EIII auf dem Mac (mit Wine)? Versuche mich daran, eine ZIP mit einem EIII Image zu beschreiben, aber vor dem Schreibvorgang erfolgt immer nur der Hinweis, das Medium zu wechseln... Und auf dem EIII formatierte ZIP Medien werden nicht erkannt... Würde mich über Tipps freuen, wie ich die Bibliotheken vom Mac auf den EIII bekomme (am Mac USB ZIP, am EIII SCSI ZIP). Vielen Dank!


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Von der EMXP Seite:
Hard disk (ZIP, CF, ...) and CD-ROM support: (not available yet when using EMXP in Wine on Mac OS X, but a work-around is explained in the EMXP Mac OS X manual)


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Hier der Workaround:

As mentioned before, due to limitations of Wine it's not possible in EMXP to have direct read and write access
to proprietary sampler disks like EMAX-II hard disks, Emulator-III CD-ROMs, EMAX-I CF cards, etc.
These disks will not appear in the drive overview of the Disk Manager in EMXP.

But fortunately there's an alternative: you can create an ISO disk image of a sampler hard disk first (either by
actually copying a sampler disk to a disk image with a tool like DDRescue-GUI as explained below, or by
generating a new disk image from scratch in EMXP, as explained in the EMXP Reference Manual).
Once an ISO disk image of a sampler disk is available on the Mac hard disk, EMXP can perfectly read this
image and you will be able to add sound banks to it or remove banks from it.
Finally the disk image can be written back to the actual sampler disk, again by using a tool like DDRescue-GUI.
It's also possible to burn the disk image to a CD-ROM by means of Finder (or Disk Utility in older versions of
Mac OS X).

The above procedure is of course not as comfortable as having direct disk access available in EMXP (which is
only possible when running EMXP on Windows), but in practice it works quite fast as well.


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The latest version of EMXP is 3.06 build 1 (October 2016)
This version supports HxC HFE files.

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