Good speaker for music production and film sound production

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  1. nop

    nop .

    Hello!! Anyone here using bluesky speaker for music production and film sound production? I heard so many people use it for film sound area but music. (Why? :? )

    I did some sound effect for feature film and I would like to use it for my music as well. so I quite concern about a pair of speaker which can work proper for both area. What do you think about this speaker? Please let me know how you impress it or hate it.

    Thanks :D
  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Imo it's not so important WHAT you use but you should hear everything on it and are used to know what's there..
  3. pff bluesky is boxed and amplified crap for intense audio prouctions

    you should go and robby a bank and buy some dynaudio bm6a mk-2

    or some adam A-7...

    check em out

    outstanding quality ....