MacBeths micromac prototyp



"as well as the 5U stuff that I'm working on.....I play with the idea of designing some very small (42HP in 3U) midi driven analogue! Whay just have one oscillator and one envelope generator when you could have three oscs and two independant envelopes?!"

"Over at Muff's, Ken announced that he's taking orders. He's only making 100 of them. The price is 995 GBP (1500 USD, or so) and it comes with 3 oscillators, 2 envelopes, vca, 24 db filter, noise, x-mod, and Kenton midi. If you're interested, e-mail Ken through his website."

Ja schön, wieder was neues von Macbeth hätte aber echt lieber interesse an den X faktor oder einen Poly ... :|

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