Metasonix goes Euro



Von der Yahoo-Doepfer-Liste:
As you may have seen elsewhere, I'm working on making new tube modules
in Euro/Doepfer format, probably for introduction early 2009.

They will be mechanically similar to Cwejman, except with big fat
vacuum tubes poking out of holes in the front panel. Probably 28HP
size panels for most functions. They won't protrude more than about 1"
behind the panel, but those tubes will stick out as mucha s 2",
depending on the tube type (and they are allll over the place in
height--BN6 tubes are especially tall).

Power supplies will be an issue--most of the tubes I'm contemplating
will need +5v power at an amp or so per module, from an added supply
(the little +5 supplies that Doepfer sells will be hopelessly
inadequate). To run heaters. They suck a LOT of current.

A VCO is in the works--I have a new circuit that produces a really
nice sinewave, clippable to a square wave, with a very wide pitch
control range--much wider than the thyratron VCOs we've made to date.
Linearity looks good and it might have V/octave CV control (if I can
cram it onto that little board).

Same circuit can be modified slightly to be used as a bandpass filter.
Also plan eventual versions of the TM-6 filter, TM-1 waveshaper, a
VCA/distortion using remote-cutoff pentodes, and possibly other
things. No CV sources, just audio signal sources and processors. These
will be fairly simple designs, for obvious reasons....don't even think
about triangle waveforms or state-variable filters, such things can't
be made in practical form with tubes. Tube distortion, no problem!

Forgive me if some of you appearance-freaks don't like this, but I
wanted to make my panels really stand out. So I am leaning toward
Metasonix yellow.

I've asked about this on other forums, and the consensus was
95% for yellow panels: ... 7935826490"
Also asked on the "Modular Synth Panels" Yahoo group.

Reasonable opinions are welcome.


Ich find Metasonix ja cool. Son Röhrenamp hätte schon was. Aber hoffentlich sind die Module günstiger als die bisherigen Kisten...Gelbe Module find ich nicht schlimm,besser als Cwejman mit seinem wasweißichnichtwas Farbton.

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