Modeselektors Live-Setup




"What does your current live setup look like for this album tour?

We have two workstations on two custom made tables placed in one line. The core of the setup is a MacBook Pro 13 with Ableton live, APC40 controller, and a MASCHINE. On the other side, we use a 12-channel analog mixer mic live-synched via MIDI, a KORG monologue, a delay pedal and each table has a MOD Devices – MOD Duo pedal for vocal effects. We have a third workspace on a platform with a little stompbox synth and a TR-909 for techno tracks.

How do you split your individual roles on stage, for instance, is one controlling the drum section and the other one takes care of harmonics and melodies?

Most of the sequences are played from Ableton, some samples and sounds are generated with an MPC and Monologue. Ableton also sends individual sounds to the analogue mixer. These sounds can be then deconstructed with the delay pedal."