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I am currently prototyping the moroco stereo synthesizer- it is the moroco and more- twice the height in rackspace too...

man darf also gespannt sein...
Wer hat eigentlich gesagt das es keinen M3X2 geben wird? Verschoben ist nicht aufgehoben... :)

Hi All! It's been some while since I updated the website- I've basically been building up M5s and

also working on two new prototypes! These being the long awaited M3X2 and a new varient

of the moroco stereo filterbank- it's now the moroco stereo synthesizer! Within the next few days,

I shall provide you with protoype pictures to let you all see what is happening...

Below is the first prototype pic of the M3X2- this is the format that I am going on...

Initially- the M3X2 is to built in a batch of 30 units to get started- sales shall be made on a first come

first serve basis- price is to established shortly!


New features of the M3X2 more use of discrete parts- ie, transistors. The ADSR Envelope Generators are

entirly new- all transistor based- they are seriously snappy! The Noise Generator is a new design-

featuring 'Light Noise' and 'Dark Noise'- totaly variable between both 'colours'...the Filter has been

improved upon- as have the oscillators- going back to the Op-Amp/Comparitor/Transistor design...

The front panel now features separate CV Inputs to all three Oscillators/Filter/VCA with a +5V Gate

input replacing the defunct S-Trig. Each Oscillator has it's own separate output, as does the Filter and

the VCA......Oh yes, Analogue Glide has been included too- as well as the Digital

Glide built into the MIDI to CV section. There is also a 9 waveform LFO built in featuring Triangle, Saw Up,

Saw Down, 5 rectangular shapes and of course Sample and hold...this is an exciting synth in a solid steel,

6U rackspace/angled wedge!