Nord Stage 3 OS Update v2.20 (2019-05-28)

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Nord Stage 3 - Update History
v2.10 (2019-02-27)
  • Changes to Synth Preset list: In Category mode, the Osc 1 dial functions as "CatSel" (Category Select). Used with Shift, this dial presents a list of all available categories.
  • A separate On/Off setting for pedal Volume was added to the Extern menu. Note that this does not affect the Volume functionality in the panel Extern section.
  • Improvements to Synth voice allocation: Better handling of cases where sustain pedal is used in conjunction with slow Amp attack times. Better handling of repeating notes with long Amp release and/or sustain pedal.
  • Changing Synth Preset could produce an audible click. Fixed.
  • Changing the Sustain setting for the Extern section did not immediately produce the expected results. Fixed.
  • Synth Arpeggiator did not handle velocity information properly. Fixed.
  • Dual KB: Incoming Aftertouch did not affect Rotary morph, in Panel mode. Fixed.
  • MIDI notes could be sent on previously used channels, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Drawbar MIDI would not be listened to with Preset II selected. Fixed.
  • MIDI CC #108 (Rotor Speed) was sent at boot if Sustain pedal was set to Rotor Toggle/Hold. Fixed.
  • Sustain pedal state was not always properly reset when removing pedal. Fixed.
  • Improvements to ESaw/ESquare + Detune configuration.
OS Update 2.20

v2.20 (2019-05-28)
  • Unexpected Synth voice stealing could occur when using long release times. Fixed.
  • Master Clock could use wrong tempo on program load, under certaing circumstances. Fixed.
  • Slight clicks could occur in sample attack phase, when combined in layer with other Synth sounds. Fixed.
  • MIDI: Sometimes first press on button did not generate CC. Fixed.
  • Transition time between pedal down and pedal up piano sound was shortened for higher registers.
v2.12 (2019-04-23)
  • On rare occasions unexpected piano voice stealing could occur when operating sustain pedal, with String Res active. Fixed
  • Browsing pianos in list view is now faster
  • Pitch Bend messages could be sent without the stick being touched, due to vibrations. Fixed
  • Switching from certain System menu pages to the Extern menu could cause incorrectly drawn display. Fixed
  • HP/88 models: Vox drawbar 9 is now drawn from 1-8 rather than from 0-8
  • Cursor could get stuck when in ABC list mode for Programs, given certain circumstances. Fixed
  • KB Zones editor: Using Panel buttons to set up KB Zones now works as expected.