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Three Fusion FM Engines​

Merge two FM sounds with a single knob to create a completely new sound.
Transform one FM sound into another over a specific period of time.
Continuously transform between two FM sounds using an LFO.

Two approaches to FM sound design​

Intuitive and Quick

Merge and sculpt FM sounds with a single, intuitive, knob turn.
The X-Lab engine merges two FM sounds by smoothly blending their envelopes, modulation routing, and feedback.
The X-Lab algorithm can merge sounds with radically different FM structures and overtones, all without losing the fundamental tuning of the sound. Pitch locking can also be turned off to create brilliant atonal transitions between FM sounds.
Merged sound can then be saved, recalled, and merged with additional FM sounds.
We call this merging process FUSION FM.

Logical and Deep

For those who want to dive into the FM Engine, the EDIT mode and included overlay provide full access to the innovative 4-OP XFM engine.
15 knobs and 30 buttons provide quick and intuitive access to all FM parameters.
Explore FM synthesis without the conventional menu diving and head scratching.


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