Soundtheory Gullfoss (Automatischer EQ)

Hallo zusammen

Wie ich gerade gesehen habe, ist das Guffoss EQ Plugin der isländischen Firma Soundtheory
nach der MAC Version nun auch für WIN erhältlich.

Aktuell zum Einführungspreis von USD 99.00 anstelle USD 169.00

Habe viel gutes über das Plugin gelesen und werde es nun austesten :)
Ich finde den super für alles möglichen Anwendungen, von Einzelsignalen bis Stereomix.

interessante review hier:
Unter den interessanten Schlussbemerkungen findet sich auch ua die von Greg Kush zum Clariophonic EQ gepostete Regel "Wenn es dir gefällt, dann nimm es an dem Punkt 50% zurück". Soll heißen: Der Effekt / das plugin etc ist klasse, aber überreiz ihn / es nicht.

Diese Infos von soundtheory selbst UNTER dem YT Video sind auch hilfreich:

...Allow me to add a few remarks: We recommend to instantiate Gullfoss before a Limiter in a mastering context. Gullfoss may change the peak level, so that limiting before is generally not ideal. We also recommend to not have any (multi-band) compressors before Gullfoss. That way Gullfoss has the best chance to identify and solve problems. Gullfoss is fully loudness compensated. That means unless you change the gain explicitly with the gain-slider on the right you don't have the "louder sounds better" effect with Gullfoss. The "Golden Ears" used in our marketing refer to the fact that mixes translate better with Gullfoss, not that you don't need to be careful with the settings. The better translation comes from the fact that Gullfoss can judge the interaction of separate audible elements very well and that room resonances or speaker response issues are taken out of the equation. For the general balance you still need to rely on your own ears, sense of aesthetics and artistic intention. Both the Bias and the Brighten parameter are modifiers for how Tame and Recover work. You cannot really think about them as individual and separate processes and for this reason we do not have "modules" that can be bypassed individually. However, using alt-click you can alternate between the default setting and your most recent non-default setting, giving you something similar to a bypass for each parameter. Brighten and Bias do also not have any effect if Tame and Recover are both set to 0. We also encourage to use the host's A/B comparison feature to find the best settings. All parameters are fully automatable, so that you can use different settings for different sections of your mix. Explaining how Gullfoss works behind the scenes is very difficult. The approach is very different from anything that has been done before, so breaking it down in terms of known processes is not feasible. It was designed to maximise the audible information that reaches your brain, revealing details and improving clarity and spatiality as a result. More information can be found in the interview at and the review"
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