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    ca345 - Various - The Synthi Group Vol. 2

    The Synthi Group is back for the second installment of their ongoing Electronic Music Studio (EMS) instrument centered compilations. With the popularity of Vol. I, downloaded over 41,000 times, it was made clear that an interest exists for the unique sound of EMS machinery. Vol. II continues the DIY ethic of the first, encapsulating a diverse array of sounds from ultrasonic frequencies and spring reverb howls to rubbery logic sequences and colliding inverted ramp oscillators.

    The members presenting their own manipulations and interpretations of the Synthi. Encompassing elements from vintage analog, ambient, glitch and experimental, both beginners and aficionados of electronic music alike will find interest in the varying styles presented here. Available through Clinical Archives, the Synthi Group: Vol. II must not be missed. Bleep.



    Track 1
    Artist: THM
    Title: Flirtation In Paradise (The Apple And The Snake) (320 kbps)
    Duration: 5:04
    Device: EMS Synthi-AKS (all sounds, except strings), Elka Rhapsody (strings), Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, Roland SRV-330 (reverbs) and SDE-330 (delay); sequences controlled by DotCom Q960 sequencer (with COTK-961D) via Digitana CV/Gate to Synthi controller box; recorded and processed digitally via Cubase 5.1
    Genre: Space Music / Ambient / Experimental
    Location: Belgium

    Track 2
    Artist: Trinité
    Title: Le Feu de Saint-Elme (320 kbps)
    Time: 7:00
    Device: Ems Synthi A / Ems Universal sequencer / Ems Synthi Hifli / Tenori / Philips Philicorda / Maracas / Jen pianotone / Organ & Bass Accordion sounds/Pro-one. (First drone : osc from synthi A thru synthi filter and mos lab filter bank, sequences made by the synthi A with Universal Sequencer, Tenori Bass sequence fed into the Synthi Hifli, Philicorda fed into Synthi A / Filter / Env / Reverb, gated by Universal sequencer,Pro-one arpeggio).
    Genre: Repetitive music
    Contact: /
    Location: France

    Track 3
    Artist: Frequency in cycles per second
    Title: Proto-Raum (unreleased track from "Aerosol" album - now available on iTunes) (320 kbps)
    Time: 7:21
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS, EMS Soundbeam.
    Genre: Experimental
    Location: Germany

    Track 4
    Artist: Jacti
    Title: Schizoland 9 (320 kbps)
    Time: 5:30
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS, Korg Stage Echo, Revox B77, composed in 1979.
    Genre: Experimental
    Location: France

    Track 5
    Artist: Alka
    Title: diode malfunktion (320 kbps)
    Time: 5:05
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS Mk1, Elektron Machinedrum UW SPS1 Mk2, Roland SH-101. Further processing and recording through Apple Logic Pro.
    Genre: Glitch / Electro / Experimental
    Location: USA

    Track 6
    Artist: Sam Samshuijzen
    Title: One of these Imps (320 kbps)
    Time: 7:37
    Device: modified EMS Synthi AKS
    Making: One-take improvisation
    Genre: Electronic MUX
    Comment: recorded in 1977, re-mastered from tape 2009.
    Location: Studio Denkraam, the Netherlands

    Track 7
    Artist: Digitana
    Title: Vayu Somnium (320 kbps)
    Time: 5:15
    Device: All sounds made entirely with a single VCS3 controlled by a TKS , and an EMS RVG.Some delay effects used on some tracks and slight overall reverb added to the master for ambience.
    Genre: psychedelic / experimental
    Location: UK

    Track 8
    Artist: Green Line
    Title: Deodar Road (320 kbps)
    Time: 5:15
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS
    Genre: electronic
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

    Track 9
    Artist: Doombient
    Title: Slower (320 kbps)
    Time: 7:19
    Device: EMS VCS 3 MK I, ARP 2600, loop devices. Performed and recorded live in concert at Nacht der Klänge, Bielefeld University, 29th may
    2009. Genre: doombient
    Location: Germany

    Track 10
    Artists: La Guerre Des Boutons (Trap & Zoid, Djp, Boeuf Stroganoff)
    Title: 6eme sens giratoire (320 kbps)
    Time: 7:00
    Devices: (ab)used during the session
    Synths : EMS Synthi AKS (with Digitana interfaces), Analogue Systems- Doepfer-Livewire modular system,DIY mysterious evolutive electronic music boxes, Korg MS-10 and SQ-10, Roland SH-101 and JX3Pv Effects : Aria AD-10, Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone, Boss CE-1 Improvised November 7th 2009 during a jam session
    Recorded live with Edirol R-09HR Lightly edited with Audacity
    Genre: psychedelic/experimental
    Location: Belgium

    Track 11
    Artist: Head Boggle
    Title: Ampulla Synthi Mumbo (320 kbps)
    Time: 2:47
    Device: EMS Synthi A
    Genre: Synth Noise
    Location: San Francisco, Calif. USA

    Track 12
    Artist: Johan Schurer
    Title: Spring Time (320 kbps)
    Time: 3:33
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS, Analog Delay
    Genre: Experimental
    Recorded in two pieces entirely using the Synthi's spring reverb.
    Location: The Netherlands

    Track 13
    Artist: Jonathan Fitoussi
    Title: Music For Synthi (320 kbps)
    Time: 5:01
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS / Nagra IV-S
    Genre: electronic
    Location: France

    Track 14
    Artist: Maelem
    Title: Metal Aliens Lap Dance (320 kbps)
    Time: 6:52
    Device: EMS Synthi A
    Genre: Noise
    Location: France

    Track 15
    Artist: Mono-Poly
    Title: Blip00 (320 kbps)
    Time: 2:48
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS and Blippoo Box
    Genre: Experimental
    Location: Netherlands

    Track 16
    Artist: George Kayavis
    Title: Crackle (320 kbps)
    Time: 2:32
    Device: VCS3 MK II , EMS 256 universal sequencer, one take recorded onto logic no effects used. this tune is sort of a tribute to the crackle box.
    Genre: Experimental
    Location: Greece

    Track 17
    Artist: Impulsantwort
    Title: unsound structures (320 kbps)
    Time: 8:46
    Device: EMS Synthi AKS treated by EMS Soundbeam recorded via RME Fireface, processed digitally through ProTools.
    Genre: Drone
    Location: Germany

    Track 18
    Artists: Nicholas D. Kent and John Blackford
    Title: subtonic (320 kbps)
    Time: 4:17
    Device: Synthi AKS (x2), Moogerfooger MF-104 Delay, Blacet Time Machine
    Genre: Experimental
    Location: US