Universal Patch Generator/Randomizer

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  1. Typhon

    Typhon .

    I have an idea for a universal patch generator, a program that creates patches for different syntesizers in various ways.
    There are a lot of synthesizers on the market with a limited amount of sysex files available for download which might limit the ability to explore the potential of the synth.
    I'm aware of the fact that Midi Quest has a patch blender/mix but in that case you'll need a good set of existing patches already and the app probably doesn't support everything on the market so there are synths which can't use those functions in Midi Quest.

    I've heard that Sound Diver is supposed to have a patch randomizer but I'm not sure about that, don't remember anything like that from when I used it before.
    So my suggestion is that this program should be a complement to Midi Quest by "supporting" synths that the Midi Quest doesn't and improve the patch generators with new types of randomizing modes.
    And in the future it could be expanded to support softsynths also.

    BTW, I JUST FOUND SOMETHING CALLED Pure Data Patch randomizer for hardware synths but I haven't used it:

    http://tellmesomethingnice.com/in/downl ... free-stuff

    But still this is a randomizer, I think that there's need for more a advanced/"intelligent" patch generator which doesn't only use total/arbitrary randomization.

    So I would like to hear your input on this and suggestions for improvements(modes etc).

    The modes I've thought about until now are these:

    Randomizer mode(regular randomizing algorithms, 2-3 different ones maybe)

    Mix mode(patch blender like the one in Midi Quest)

    Category modes(creates patches in different sound categories like bass, brass, sfx, keys, bells etc)

    Nuance mode(uses a input sysex and creates 5-10 subtle variations on that patch)

    Inversion mode(a mode that "inverts" the values of the sysex(maybe not some parameters like volume etc). This can be done in different ways of course but I'm not sure if it will be useful at all so I just wrote it to hear your opinions about it.)