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The New Magic Easel Orchestra live @ Elektro Müller, Düsseldorf

Live at Elektro-Müller, Düsseldorf – 3x Buchla New Music Easel .
the New Magic Easel Orchestra – 19.7.2016

Elektro-Müller was the former studio of Kraftwerk, it’s smaller than many of us thought, so this isn’t the Tardis – but sounds brillant – maybe one of the best sounding locations I ever went to.

Here’s the images..
Easel Orchestra at Elektro Mueller



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19.11. Köln (Kalk) – Modular Event 19:30 – Papageorgiadis/Sicault (Trap & Zoid) – Machida – Niggemann

Für Kurzentschlossene.

vintage modular event köln
pics – from the event:

Eine herzliche Einladung zum Konzert mit:
Yoshio Machida & Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid;
LCDrone (Laura Sicault & Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid)
Kai Niggemann (Paradeiser Productions) – Live

Modularsynthesizer (EMS SYNTHI AKS, Buchla 200e),Fieldrecordings, Geräuschchor, selbst gebaute Klangerzeuger und akustische Instrumente, …

Wir freuen und über Spenden bei freiem Eintriit

this evening is entirely dedicated to showcasing the sounds and improvisations that come exclusively from modular synths. the four musicians perform in various constellations, to complete the evening all artists will join together for a stunning jam session. 
donations are very welcome 

Constantin Papageorgiadis aka Trap & Zoid und Yoshio Machida arbeiten mit den seltenen Vintage Modular Synthesizern von EMS SYNTHI AKS. Sie werden einen Synthi 100 spielen und ein spezielles Interface zwischen zwei Synthesizern, das von Papageorgiadis gebaut wurde. Während Machida sein Instrument als Rhythmusmaschine versteht und damit Pattern kreiert, beginnt Trap & Zoid bei Null und baut progressiv einen einzigen evolutionären Strang, um den Synthi zu unterstützen.

Kai Niggemann arbeitet mit Buchla Modularsynthesizer und Fieldrecordings, Geräuschchor, selbst gebauten Klangerzeugern und akustischen Instrumenten, leitet das Theaterlabel “PARADEISER productions” zusammen mit Ruth Schultz, ist Mitglied von “The Dorf”, improvisiert mit “Great Big Noise” und gründete das Internet-Computermusik- “European Bridges Ensemble” (EBE) sowie das elektroakustische Duo “Resonator” mit. Er performt solo und mit Partner*innen, hat einen Lehrauftrag an der Kunstakademie Münster und gibt Musik-Elektronik-Workshops (“Löten unter Aufsicht”). http://kainiggemann.com/

Yoshio Machida (JP) is well-known as an electronics artist and steelpan player. In his later work he focusses more on the use of analog modular synths which resulted in his latest solo album ‘Music from the SYNTHI’ on French label Baskaru in 2014. The album was made using only his SYNTHI AKS, without any effects and outboards, displaying a very organic sound. Using the flexibility and characteristics of SYNTHI, he improvises contemporary rythmic patterns, glith, clicks… without any usage and sounds from a computer. Machida studied minimal art, music and film at the Tama Art University. In the 1990s, Machida worked for an international cooperation in Asia and Africa. Machida’s first album Hypernatural (1999) had been featured with Brian Eno and Oval (band) on David Toop’s article about Generative music. In 2001, Machida started to play improvised music by Steelpan with computer program Max/MSP. In 2004, Machida founded an experimental music label Amorfon.

Trap & Zoid (BE) After playing rock’n’roll bass and upright bass for 20 years, Constantin Papageorgiadis is today a well-known figure in the EMS Synthi world, on both musical and technical sides. He serviced tens of EMS instruments, including the IPEM’s rare Synthi 100 in Ghent, and imagined an original way to expand their features that was great success and led him to be on regular and friendly touch with numerous Synthi users from around the world. He recently released a vinyl and uses to perform with his favorite suitcase as a one-human electronic solo project named Trap&Zoid. His live approach is to start from nothing, progressively create a single evolutive patch and support the Synthi through it. No computer, no preset, no cheating. Trap & Zoid recently released a new vinyl solo album ‘Synthi Lag’ which can be purchased at

LCDrone (BE) (various modular synths)
From Belgium we present to you the duo LCDrone. Enjoy the raw live sound of Laura Sicault and Constantin Papageorgiadis – aka Trap&Zoid, her SEM, his Synthis, some other gear (no computer of course!), a few effects and weird inspiration… You’ll be suprised of the end result!

kuratiert von Georg Dietzler in Zusammenarbeit mit der Baustelle Kalk.

Raumklänge – Ortsbezogene Musik ist eine Plattform für raumerforschende Musik, Hörstudien und erweiterte Aufführungspraxis, wie lassen sich Musik und Orte immer wieder auf’s Neue erleben. Vorgestellt werden Auftragswerke, improvisierte Musik, Hörstücke und Klangkunst für Orte in Pulheim-Stommeln und Köln.

Baustelle Kalk | Kalk-Mülheimer Straße 124 | 51103 Köln


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Verbos Modular – Buchla inspired

these MODULES by VERBOS ELECTRONICS are strongly Buchla inspired, the demo video shows the old Buchla 200 and so here it is..

The Complex OSC looks very much like it – Timbre (Shaping), Mod Index (FM) and 2 OSCs in one Module. 32HP

and here is another new thing – harmonic oscillator – this means the 1-8th harmonics can be controlled and seen as a simple additive kind of osc plus standards – so you have a nice source – even for FM or something that needs subtle variation from sine to “more than triangle”..

aaaand – the multi purpose Envelope / LFO / Sequencer – Thingy called the VOLTAGE MULTISTAGE..

it is a mixture of all of them – maybe the most interesting one ..so I just quote the original text:

In theory, a sophisticated enough control voltage source can replace all of the control voltage sources in a modular system. That includes saw, square, pulse, triangle LFOs, AR, AD, ADSR, multistage envelopes, tracking generators, quantizers and of course sequencers.

It is not practical to actually replace all of these with one module type, but the Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage can create any of these control signals.

As a sequencer, it  has switchable slides and gates on each stage. Gate are output musically to match slides and stepped stages.  As a multistage envelope, any stage can be the sustain. Stage “TIME” can be voltage controlled.

The “ref.” output is a falling ramp the length of the entire stage. This is usable as a decay envelope the length of the stage.

When the “strobe” input is pulsed, the setting of the “analog” control and CV input selects the stage. This is usable as a reset or to jump to any specific stage of the sequencer.

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WeinGlas: Requiem for Christmas! Buchla inspired album (free d’l)

this is all free from Wein Glas(s) from germany –

this is the noisy side of Buchla driven music..

here’s what he says…

Do you remember Weinglas, the guy from Germany, dressed in black with black glasses, who wanted to paint the world black with his dark sounds. He is back, more black than ever, with his new release “Game Over!” that sucks you right into a mostly desperate world full of darkness which even makes hell look (and sound!) like a nice place.

The work on this concept album about dangerous games and fallen angels helped Weinglas through some very rough times. He produced all tracks solely on a Buchla 200e pimped with a lot of tube modules from his friend Zerosum Inertia. And for the first time ever he only used black patch cords for this release.


So,  be warned and listen at your own risk. But beware of your inner demons while you enter the dark dream world of “Game Over!”


Game Over Cover Art Small

Auch im Forum Information auf Deutsch an den Musiker – Requiem for Christmas (Video to celebrate album release) und damit Rekursion, da dort ein Link hierzu zu finden ist und Feedback, könnte interessant klingen.

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