Musotalk: Reaktor 6, iPad Pro, System 100. Hologram und mehr..

wir sprechen über Reaktor 6, Apples neues Zeug (iPad Pro) und System 100 Plugin/out (dazu kommt am Dienstag noch eine Sondersendung), Bitwig angerissen (und Reaper) und Hologram auch (ein FX Spektral Effekt Synth Tool) und ich muss zugeben, dass ich noch immer das alte Logic 9 benutze und so, weil armes Schwein™.  Da passte Non Erics Frage  Hat Nektar die beste Controller Anpassung für Logic nur theoretisch. und sinnieren noch über Hardware  Hardwarecontroller für Reaktor Reaktor 6 und weitere News der WocheDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen wir sind: Tom Ammermann > Spacital Audio Designer macht in Headphone Surround und…

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macOS Synth Windows 

System 100 Plug-Out for Roland System 1/1m + JD-XI White Edition

Roland released the System 100 Plugout for Roland System 1m (and System 1) Digital Synthesizer  Users and also as a Plugin, so there is now Promars, SH101, SH2 and System 100 as well as the System 1 as a Plugin as well available.. see the matrix? Here’s the System 1 Layout – on the left is what you can only edit with this software – so it is different from the others and it’s „hands on“ effect. so it is more modular than others btw has 2 sections that others don’t offer.…

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Roland Modular: System 100, System 700, System 100m

Roland Analog Synthesizer – the Roland Modular Synthesizer Series ROLAND SYNTHESIZER images (click the pic to enlarge it – if available) THE ROLAND MODULAR LINE ROLAND SYSTEM100 – made in 1976 LARGE VIEW SYSTEM 100 here/ grossbild Roland System 100 Schematics System 100 .. the Roland System 100 consists of 101 basic unit, the „expander“ 102, the sequencer 104 and mixer 103 it is very very similar to the sh5. 1)the expander and basic unit provide a 12dB/oct. LPF and the typical non-vc or dynamically modulated hpf (fixed for just…

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