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Modulares Interface B.A. – iPad more physical

there it is – another modular knob, slider and knobs addition for iPad.
here you got a case where all controls are added to and the iPad inserted below so the display can shine through – but – well – makes everything else a bit hard to control – so it might not be a perfect solution but allows to display things..

designed by Florian Born

it looks totally cool – sort of steampunk style.. (more steampunk stuff)

check: Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad / by @BornFlo.

UPDATE iOs 8.02 Update – ready

UPDATE of the update – 8.02 is finally there it fixes – everything or something. They did have no time – even for translating the Info Box, don’t try that in French, guys ;)
Diese Version soll nun die Probleme die durch die Medien gingen beseitigen. Mal schauen. Für eine Übersetzung hatten sie keine Zeit, verständlich.

Forum • iOS 8 - jetzt da! / OS X 10.95 auch
today and now – the update is ready and highly recommendable to install if you are on iOS 8 – for iPad and iPhone.

heute kam das Update was die schlimmsten Bugs von iOs 8.0 ausbügeln soll. Ob damit alles erledigt ist? Das wird sich zeigen. Bei IOs 7 war 7.11 die wirklich “gute” ..

8.01 war so – 8.01 felt like this:

UPDATE: reports tell problems of some users having no cell / mobile connection – seems like I am in luck – so next time – when a new iOS is coming – assume it is not ready before its X.11 Version..

Es sieht so aus, dass Apple keine fehlerfreien Systeme vor einer Eins hinter dem Komma mehr bringt, die rund laufen. Daher ist wohl geboten beim nächsten mal einfach ein paar Wochen später umzusteigen. iOS 6 war am Ende, iOs 7 zu Beginn und iOS 8 ebenso mit diversen Problemen behaftet, die nicht trivial waren – Ich werde ab 9.X nicht mehr empfehlen sofort umzusteigen.

Aber – iVCS3 und Impaktor und einige andere sind bereits iOS 8-fest – alles von Korg noch nicht ;(

more iOS 8 / iPhone 6

Forum: -> reine Herstellkosten iPhone 6
nd -> iOS 8 – jetzt da! / OS X 10.95 auch

ios 8.02 update


Triq Traq on iPad – Drum Pad Sequencer

Triq Traq is available on iPad as well – free for those who also have it.

sort of drum machines with pads to be recorded in a sequencer and later be uploaded to drobbox etc..

– New interface on iPad; triqtraq is now a Universal App
– Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator inside an Inter-App Audio host
– „Open in…” export option: export audio to apps such as Dropbox
– iOS 8 compatibility
– Audiobus 2.1 support


Synthesizer-Magazin: SynMag #45 am 17.7.2014

SynMag #45 Mitte Juli 2014 (ca. 17.7.)


SynMag Das Synthesizer-Magazin: #45



Roland TR8 – Instant Electro oder – ein guter TRhronfolger?

Audiowerkstatt – MIDI Zeitversetzter und Raumkrümmer (DIN-Sync, MIDI-Clock)

Bastl Instruments Trinity – Kästchensystem für den LoFi Sound

Clavia Nord Lead A1 – Ist minimaler auch besser? Wie gut seht er zwischen Nord Lead 2x und 4?

Modular Synthesizer Meeting Happy Knobbing 2014 – Advanced Gearporn!

Elektro für 100€ – Geht das? Ja!

(upcoming: Moog Theremini)

Die andere Seite

Ableton Dark Synth und Vocalism – Additiv und “was mit Stimme”…

Xils Lab 4 – Der doppelte EMS mit vierfacher Matrix

Cakewalk Waveshaping in Mega-Deluxe (von Windows zum iPad): z3ta+

“it’s bigger on the inside”: Monoplugs B-Step Sequencer

Cakewalk Sonar DAW X3 Check für die Windowsinsel

Buchtipp Elektronik in der Popmusik

Menschen & Studioporn

Jam El Mar

Patrice Bäumel

The Horrorist

Erik Seifert

Pyramid Peak

via SynMag – Das Synthesizer-Magazin

iConnectMIDI4+ iPads Macs and PCs in Love – Audio from iPads to Mac + PCs

 iConnectMIDI4+ seems finally be ready for shipping. the special thing with this MIDI Interface and Audio Interfaces is to put iPad Audio back into the computer – even in the DAW, also 4 MIDI ports are there to make iOS and OS X (AAAAND Windows!!) work together – that audio features is already available in a smaller device, the iConnect MIDI2 with 2 ports. for us$250 it also has a MIDI over Network functionality. most of it all works via USB – the first time they are all brought together.

Forum: iConnect MIDI 4+ wird ausgeliefert

Patch Morpher Version 2 for Hardware Synths

Remember the Patch Morpher iPad App

there is a new Version up. Free those who already bought it. 

more Synths – the Blofeld, Pulse 2, DSI Morpho  is “in” as well as the Virus TI ..

the Morph Sequences can be played on the Keyboard and CHAINED to be player as one 32 Step Sequence (how cool is this?). Adds Sequencer to the Prophet 12 (!)

Also Morph just one aspect like Tuning or Filter alone of multiple Patches!

Version 2 also introduces significant enhancements to the patch generation tool, allowing you to control each of the sections independently: Pitch, Tone, Filter, Envelopes, Effects etc. which gives you a lot more control over the sound. If you use this in conjunction with the “Nearest” setting, you can effectively copy entire sections over from another patch and mix & match.

The full list of new features are:
- Support for 4 new synths: Access Virus TI, Waldorf Blofeld & Pulse 2, DSI Mopho
- Significantly enhanced patch generator with independent control of each parameter group, as well as many additional or refined options to control filter & effect types, filter routings, oscillators types etc.
- Auto-layout & locking of patches on the screen, so you can maximise your real-estate and don’t move things around during performance.
- Sharper graphics throughout to match each synth & performance improvements.
- Supports all the new features in the latest Prophet 12 OS, including the new step sequencer and the filters on the delay lines.
- Many user requests, such as the ability to play the keyboard to enter step-sequences on the DSI synths.


Prophet 12, King Korg, Prophet 8 & Shruthi-1 – Blofeld, Voyager and..

Virsyn Cube iPad Version

since Addictive Synth was released it looked somehow like the power of the iPads was too low – it has the ability to use the tilt position x and y as a controller which I used on stage here and there (some of you might have seen me with it) but since that audio jack is a bit evil I just keep the iPad on the ground now – but it is still a cool controller which is not used on most synth apps – which is strange to me..

anyway – this is a 4 corner additive synth instead of 2 – those 4 oscillators (corners) can morph and therefore make “filters” work that you have drawn (the characteristics)  and multi-step envelopes help to morph between. but this isn’t all – all of those OSCs got resynthesis capabilities and their own envelope to scan through that resynthesis spectrum .I loved it on the mac – I will love it on the iPad since I can play that one on stage now! – worth the 9€ for sure!!

ok, – the Re-Synthesis section is not yet there, so there IS a difference, it’s like early Cube Versions – without sample-kind of stuff but still everything that may make your Kawai K5000 cry … aand – sadly I did not find the tilt-gyroscope controllers, so this is restricted to additive synth still.
if you are into additive synths – the way Cube deals with NOISE is better than on other additive synths, just draw the frequency range of your noise!

„Cube Synth“ für iPad im iTunes App Store.

this is the complex arpeggiator, .

. and the envelopes a loopable …


wie genial ist das? es gibt den Cube jetzt genau so wie er auf dem Mac läuft – also mit 4 OSCs und Multisegmenthüllkurven und Resynthese pro Oszillator (also 4x), dort kann man ebenfalls mit einer Kurve durch die Samples fahren, dh durch das Analysat eines Samples und zwischen den OSCs sind Filter die man selbst einzeichnen kann möglich wie beim K5000, dh – eigentlich etwas mehr/anders, da diese als Morphgrundlage verwendet werden. Das schlägt den Addittive, der im Wesentlichen dasselbe nur halb so viele OSCs war aber dafür Tilt-Sensoren als Controller anbietet- also die Neigung des iPads als Steuerung zulässt. Habe das auf der Bühne schon mehrfach eingesetzt – jedoch wegen der Klinkenbuchse und der Knacksgefahr das iPad heute eher fest auf dem Boden liegen… Mehr dazu und diskutieren hier VirSyn Cube Synth (additiv ) – aber ok, die Resyntheseabteilung fehlt (noch) im Vergleich zur Mac-Version. Außerdem sind die Gyroskop-Tilt-Controller hier nicht drin, die gibt es wohl weiter nur in Addictive Synth. Das Rauschen ist hier dennoch viel besser zu steuern als in anderen Additiven – nämlich durch einzeichnen – damit sind sehr fein gezielte Rausch-Fenster morphbar – eine sehr gute Idee und erinnert hier und da an eine sehr gute Festfilterbank mit.. ja eben mit beweglichen Frequenzknöpfen und unendlich vielen.


TC11 iPad Synth – real digital semi modular synth & 128step sequencer

TC11 is a digital synth that is completely not controlled by a virtual keyboard but by gyro movement and touch (7€)

√ 21 modular Synthesis-Objects
√ 22 Oszillator Waveshapes
√ 3-Controller-Modules: AHDSR, LFO, Sequencer
√ Mailen Patches to others

and check out this 128step sequencer;



„TC-11“ für iPad im iTunes App Store.

Modular for iOS

a free modular synth to use- but creating a synth needs modules from the shop
– beside Jasuto (ios) and Audulus (also for os x) this is the 3rd real modular system – atm it’s quite new – and free to use but not free to built patches.
ok, it’s not free, you need to buy some modules – so in makes a higher price – but it seems the easiest till now..  4,49€ for all modules.
it reminds a lot of a standard modular analog rack system and therefore more like the Clavia and SonicCore/Creamware Modulars than Reaktor, Kyma or things like Csound, PD, Max…

Diskussion: Forum • Modular iOS.

ios modular synth
ios modular synth

Stria iOs – 240 FM Operators and John Chowning

this allows the use of 240 FM Oscillators. It’s NOT a DX7, but John Chowning once had a hard time to do this, so that was in 1977, now it’s time for an app that does all of it – still wish for a nice 6OP FM DX7/FS1R/SY99 kind of app! I love FM, I will always love you!!

Stria for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

and here’s John Chownings work from the 70’s:
he is the father of the Yamaha dx /TG/  SY99 /fs1r series, they bought it out of his hands and they went to do it for eveyone. first for underestimation like on 80’s pop but also for others..

want to meet John?

John Chowning 2007

john chowning
john chowning

more about computer music pioneers..