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Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer (Rack)

Ich habe die weitere Entwicklung der digitalen Pulte von Yamaha fast etwas verschlafen, während Behringer ihr X32 brachten, gab es auch diese hier von Yamaha, immerhin hat Yamaha die digitalen Pulte salonfähig gemacht mit dem Promix 01 und später den Serien 01V, 02R und 03D.  Also als Grundbildungsprogramm hier lang:
http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/europe/en … atures.jsp
Neu ist aber: die hier gibt es jetzt auch als Rack.
Tippe da mal auf unter 2k€..
https://www.facebook.com/YamahaTFcommun … ED&fref=nf

Dazu gibt es ein unscharfes Video seit gestern und das sieht dann etwa so aus:

TF1 Rack

die liegen in einem Bereich, der wohl auch aufs X32 schaut..

Die Pulte sehen so aus: 2k€
https://www.thomann.de/de/yamaha_tf_1.h … ch_prv_1_2

(gibt es auch in größer: 3k€
https://www.thomann.de/de/yamaha_tf_3.h … ch_prv_2_2
https://www.thomann.de/de/yamaha_tf_5.h … ch_prv_3_2

Besseres Bild als das hier gibt es bisher noch nicht:
Diskussion dazu?  TF1 Rack – Yamaha Digitalpult

yamaha tf5 mixer

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FM Synth App (Yamaha) – free 4 OP

Yamaha released a freeware for everyone – an easy to edit 4 OP FM Synth which is quite like theTX81z /DX11 – it offers 16 scenes that can be used as a sequencer of settings that can be morphed and the main use of this iPhone/iPad app is a great sounding 4OP FM synth with classic ADDSR envelopes and feedback for each OP! – I really enjoy the FX quality. what I don’t like – you can not save your patch unless you connect one of those keyboards of the MX series from Yamaha – they are not capable of FM but are meant to be used as “master keyboard” which looks a bit “strange” – why not in-app-buying the save functionality for 2 or 4€? .. would be ok.

  • Yamaha once in 2015 had this free available at the appstore  AN-Synth – which is still cool (called synth book).

Yamaha DX11 synthesizer
Yamaha bringt 4OP FM Synthesizer – ähnlich des DX11 mit scenes, überblendungen von 16 Einstellungen wie in einem Sequencer und einem vollständigen TX81Z/DX11-ähnlichen FM Synth mit Feedback pro OP, also sogar etwas erweitert und auch deren Hüllkurven..

-> etwas in der Art gab es bereits – ein kostenloser AN-Synth

..plenty of things up on Yamahas site..
..I enjoyed the programmers they created for editing the first FM prototype – why there is none of those for sale or made it into the synths ? –  the GS1 .. so in fact they did programmers first that look like very useful:

my info about Yamahas Synths – and a detailed view on all the FM synth generations.
The GS1 is shown here (I did not add the GS series to the SynthDB yet, but will do!)

A users render about Yamahas future – do you think they do this kind of effort without bringing new synths somewhere sooner/later?

the DT programmer looks like this (DX7 reissue)
dtronics dt7 dx7 programmer

Lust auf eine kleine Diskussion über -> Real Digitale Synthesizer Dateianhang? im Forum..?

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Korg Volca FM – 6 OP – a full DX7 incl edit mode

  • Korg nimmt den FM Teil aus den Tribes als Volca,
    3 voices / stimmig.
    so it is digital and a real full scale synth. ein kompletter DX7!
    -> Diskussion: Korg Volca FM aufgetaucht…
  • Korg takes the 3 times the FM part of the Tribes or possibly this is even analog FM. no it is really 6OP FM (frequency modulation) and digital. and it can read DX7 patches!
  • has an Arpeggiator
  • 32 patches, 16 patterns (memory)
  • has edit mode to go through all parameters!
    no editor planned – but maybe something will come from …
  • no brainer! buy this!

    volca fm specs
    volca info
    and the other lever is just transpose – so everything is done with those knobs and vel-slider.

    some audio twiddeling..

    (this image via R.divine / FB:)
    volca fmhttps://youtu.be/I6JYELE0aVA
    korg volca fm

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NAMM 2016 – Yamaha Montage: 8OP FM + AWM / Roland System 8 Speculation

Yamaha (read on) – Roland (scroll down) or check this

Yamaha bringt einen Synthesizer der neu ist und irgendwie “Alientechnologie” lt R.Divine in sich tragen soll. ..
Noch ist nicht genau klar, ob mehr als Sampling und 8OP-FM enthalten sein wird. Aber ein Kronos-Angreifer ist er ganz offensichtlich. Aber immerhin ist das der Stand einer Art Super-SY99-FS1R-Kombination. Vermutlich auch eher so als tatsächlich gemischt FM/Sampling, wobei zu viele Sample-OPs ohnehin nicht all zu viel klanglich sinnvolles bieten können mit mehr als 2 Samples – Sinus OPs mit einem Sample hingegen schon. Wer das mal ausprobiert hat mit dem SY99 / TG 77 etc. weiss sicher bescheid.

Algorithms – here’s a shot which looks like it has fixed ones that can be accessed by pressing a number of carriers or modulators in a matrix – but it throws out the classic ones – since they may have their own feedback like Reface DX and have their “real” feedback for noise and variable waveforms the capabilities seem much like the Fs1R .. depends on some details like pitch envelopes etc. – note there is 8OP not unvoiced section – so it is an expanded DX7 with inspiration of the Fs1R and Reface – but it is none of these. but it will do anything a DX7 / DX7 II can do plus 2 OPs!it won’t do 3 user feedbacks but maybe create your own algorithm could be possible, still. Note, that there is a 3OP Feedback loop – which looks a lot like it is not set by users. it’s known from the Fs1R’s…

ok – here’s another one – the waveforms of FM-X are like the FS1R – and therefore do the job of Refaces DX FB – they got a “skirt” parameter for shaping so it’s not just one fixed shape. it may appear more tonal as on those – so the more noisy classic FM synths are a bit better for non-tonal stuff compared to all those newer approaches to my experience. may still be incorrect so far – so stay tuned for more on synthesis.

Synthese-Diskussion zu Montage ist hier Yamaha Montage – Der Neue Große / Synthese…
alg montage
S1R Algo Table

FS1R Algo FM Synthese http://www.sequencer.de/synthaudio/synthesizer_fm-synthese.html
FS1R Algorithms FM

Price: MONTAGE 6 – £2,169.00 (incl. VAT).
Neue Info – MONTAGE 7 £2,530.00 und der 8er £2,892.00

Der Supernippel™ morpht 32 Parameter. Für FM ist das nicht uninteressant.

best in depth info I could get as a video:

Here’s the latest quote from R-Divine (who took a lot of good images) about Montage:

The Yamaha Montage Synthesizer is finally out! I created over 120 patches, and the internal FM-X synthesis engine is amazingly deep, capable of making very interesting, sounds. One of the most intensive projects I have ever worked on!


Yamaha is rumored to release something “alien“. said Richard Divine – but we don’t if it this is is or was meant. But is will contain sampling and 8OP-FM (128 voices) for sure plus “X”.  Looks very much like Kronos. In the specs it is 127 note sampling as well and seems it is just that but could be more. It’s no more or less last generation FM with Samples. period.
the super knob morphs 32 parameters at the same time.

that FM engine may be something like the FS1R without formant sequencing. AWM is another word for sample playback – the concept seems more suited for those who want to turn one knob referring to the few demos around. no1 talks about editing – so one has to find out – as always this is the “workstation” folks.. so let’s wait for someone who is into sound to demo it.

and it has a sequencer part like the Korgs (motion sequence) for modulation – the number of 8 seems to be the size.
motion sequence

on GS someone posted a list of things, that do not look very “alien” but more flexible that is sort of an assembly of Yamaha classic synths like Korg Kronos Digital Synthesizer is for Korg..
(note that images is NOT reflecting Montage, it’s just an image and won’t show up as a real hardware!)

r.divine – image via fb / instagram.

• it has AWM (Sampling) with Halion-style “modularity”.
count in these:

•VL, AN, CS, YC, FM, SCM, AEM, VRM. <– some of these might not be familiar but it’s basically FM, VA, Phy.Modeling and some more, so it is sort of the EX5 Digital Synthesizer Series continued to the next level merged with sort-of Motif series II
some if these you already know as  Reface , DX Digital Synthesizer // Reface , CS Digital Synthesizer

•Sort of Variphrase/Granular Audio Engine

•Lots of Samples and stuff like big orchestra sample sets (well..)
•Drum stuff’s / touchscreen / lots of voices & FX
• integration of Steinberg stuff (imagine what that means!)

•audio interfacing

Diskussion dazu ->  Das Neue Große von Yamaha (Montage)

Yamaha Montage

src: http://www.musiker-board.de/attachments/yamaha-montage-png.464031
here’s the mag for browsing yourself – but they seemed to have removed that info


Roland system 8 (Acb, 8 voices , plug-out ,49 Keys) – should be done with 2x the power of the Boutique Synths // the System 1 which has 4 voices – so it should have dual FPGAs aboard and a number of 2 additional chips – could be a big burner if and when it’s done. or 4 for even more voices? Since Boutique has 1 FPGA and System has 2 of them for 4 voices let’s assume a plug-out-compatible System 8 needs 4 FPGAs to run. It’s not a hardware issue – since it’s not too expensive to produce, I’d guess it could be around 800€. Since I did not code that software it is almost just a guess about the amount of chips – but it is more than possible to just have 8 voices – if so I could be in ;) and add another LFO so the System 1 plugout could have 2 LFOs in audio speed in System 100 mode with 4 or 8 voices, then? since plug-outs are usually monophonic to date. so.. we don’t know but I’d go for it since it beats all those VAs in sonic quality. this is a new quality and will be a lot more competitive when there are 8 voices what most keyboarders want and synth-playes and sequencer-acts as well, right?

what do you guess and whish?
and there is still that Roland Sampler as well that might come..

we don’t think this will happen. no sampler, no system 8 …
but they have this little thing

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Musotalk: Reface FM (DX) & “VA”-Synthesizer (CS), Stage Piano (CP) und Orgel (YC)

Ich schau mir mit NonEric die Yamaha Reface Serie an:
Reface , DX Digital Synthesizer (und Info über die 6 Generationen FM-Synthesizer)
Reface , CS Digital Synthesizer (und CS Synthesizer-Geschichte)
YC – Drawbar Orgel
CP – Stage Piano

-> Diskutieren über Yamaha Reface

Lesen über Reface Synthesizer im SynMag

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Yamaha Reface – Defacing – 399€ / Synths – DX, CS, YC & CP- true mobile synths with Web MIDI Interface and speakers

dx reface

na? muss ich dazu noch was sagen? Yamaha besinnt sich und macht ein kleines supermobiles Synth-Teil für FM und Klassischem CS-Sound (und Orgel/Klavier). Sehr gespannt auf Dienstag..
mehr hier im Forum  Yamaha Reface
SynthDB: Reface , DX Digital SynthesizerReface , CS Digital Synthesizer 

399€ sollen sie kosten. Die anderen Synths haben keinen Speicher – aber bekommen es über Apps. Batteriebetrieb möglich, Lautsprecher eingebaut. MIDI in/out. USB.
Pedal, Aux In.

DX Touch Panel Edit:

dx alg
hat 4 OP. 8 Stimmen. Leider nur 32 Sounds – iOS kann Sounds reinschießen mit Reglerstellungen (bei den anderen ist das auch notwendig, weil sie keine Speicher haben). Tasten sind natürlich klein – aber mit Dynamik. FM: Feedback in jedem OP (3x), 2x FX
Feedback OPs können von Säge zu Rechteck vom Sinus abgerückt werden. Gute Idee. Pedal: sustain (anschluss)

Alle haben Web-Edit/Share Möglichkeiten


raface cs
CS:  2 OSC, 8 Voice Synth, each wave has own modifier (does: Supersaw, PWM, FM, subosc, Ringmod – depending on what wave you select – and the last one adds noise – so it’s sort of making it less knobs – but effective and soundful enough),
as said – no memory WYSIWYG – but iOS delivers patch storage – and looks like it sound not too bad – in fact it is more like AN – but possibly it is more like fitting better as a CS since it is a control-synthesizer as Yamaha use to name it. FX also. 1 ADSR.
little Looper inside – works as sort of Sequencer. LFO is in as well with multiple typical mod destinations. So it is sort of “do all” synth with the concept of a Microbrute but with 8 voices and digital.
-> pedal CV in
Audio rate LFO speed.

HOW the WEB MIDI works – not bad at all – and after Modal they are the first to doing that and – the first mainstream company – this is and could be the editor that survives the update battle!

it might sound “not so cheap”, but Yamaha know how to built a solid synth – and it is really made to be mobile and simple to use – to me it is very very much 2015. I could imagine all of them .. well not an organ since that’s really not my cup of tea – but at that size this is a nice jam and live stage companion. maybe it is even nice enough to just use them as the only keyboard synth..
it all sends controllers so you could control softsynths as well.

as we are all look forward towards thursday, the official release there’s almost clear ideas about what they do.

how the CS/AN is done and the Piano CP one in comparison:
how the CS/AN is done and the Piano CP one in comparison:

Reface is a simulating very classic Yamaha synths and stuff –
CS/AN,  DX / FM Synths and additional to that CP Piano and Organ YC which are 128noite polyphonic compared to the synths – but also all with aux in, midi etc.. so to me the cool thing is the first 2 things – as the video (see link above) implies – there is Ringmod-kind of stuff and it is totally supersmall mobile kind of small keyboard. The Ringmod is a “mode” of one of the waves – so it is easy to tweak and make your sound even more metallic. so it’s more than a CS01 or so, but not as much as an AN1x or something like it.

see the controls – I just hope there’s something to control the parameters with easily that won’t explode after the x’th update of WIN/OS X.. – the top right thing looks like there is something – software editor kind of thingy..reface


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Yamaha – CS80 & DX returns? – Reface is mobile DX, CS/AN etc.

as I told you before and people demanding for new synths. It seems like there is something coming – that sound reminds a lot of a CS80 kind of synth with Ringmod with an extra oscillator (which is the case in the CS80) might be something like a hint to show what we might want to expect.

UPDATE 2 ->go here for the full image & stuff.

returning the video contains: CS, DX, CP YC – so it is Organs & Pianos (ok, don’t need that) – but Analog and Digital Synth, FM Synthesis – so it is a retro thingy – but in case of FM it is nicest to hear. no AN / VL – so no physical modeling and no neo digital analog simulation. but old school analog simulation.

Reface , CS Digital Synthesizer  & Reface , DX Digital Synthesizer 

I’d really like some digital hi-tech stuff like linked above..
Maybe they do something like Roland did with the System 1/ 1m – so maybe it may do both?

UPDATE- look like the Divine Quote wasn’t referring to that Yamaha! But we have 2 more shots – it seems like sort of Microkorg’ish synth..
reface1 reface2

UPDATE: add this quote that tells us – it is digital which is nice to hear (for me):

“I’m working with Yamaha on a project right now; I can’t say what it is, but it’s pretty crazy. This synthesizer has new technology that’s never been implemented before, so it’s totally alien to anything I’ve ever used. I’ve had to spend a few weeks just understanding the architecture of it. “

– Richard Devine


so it is non of these – it is “totally alien” so it is no substractive bored Fiat Panda ..

there is a counter (15 days) on yamahasynth – so things will happen in 2 weeks, 22:00.

Yamaha plant etwas, was Reface heißt und offenbar auf den CS80 oder zumindest die große CS Serie zeigt, da der Klang hier in dem Video ziemlich nach einer Ringmodulation mit einem eigenen Oszillator klingt. Ob es nicht schöner wäre es wie ich es hier beschrieb zu tun, muss man sehen:
Nach der Welle ist vor der Welle – analoge Synthesizer von morgen: digital?

Und es könnte ja auch ein System 1-ähnliches Prinzip sein was CS80 und DX7 “kann”.? Nein, es wird superaußerirdisch, so sagt Richard und so klingt das alles dann doch mehr nach etwas radikal NEUEM. Das ist gut so. Hier kannst du was dazu sagen: Yamaha Reface

note that it will most likely NOT a CS .. but ..

CS Series – feat. that Ringmod and extra OSC are these:
Yamaha CS50 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS60 subtractive,analog
*Yamaha CS80 subtractive,analog

more CS..
Yamaha CS50m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS01 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS10 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS15 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS15D subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS20m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS30 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS30L subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS40m subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS5 subtractive,analog
Yamaha CS70m subtractive,analog

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