Ableton Live 7 Features (english)

Version 7 renews the core of Live.

Looks very much like Ableton goes „Studio“, no idea if they introduced a new routing system, but there are a lot of updates.

to me there’s 2 things missing in most: chase light sequencing and NRPN cascade controllers that can address synths like the andromeda and others. 

* The enhanced audio engine improves fidelity with 64-bit mix summing,
POW-r dithering, optimized sample-rate conversion and other

* The new Compressor device integrates three compression models, one
of which is based on a feedback design commonly found in the most
praised vintage compressors.

* Fully integrated side-chaining capability is available for the new
Compressor, as well as Gate and Auto Filter.

* High-Quality modes have been added to Operator, Dynamic Tube and
Saturator for anti-aliased processing and reduction of typical
„digital“ artifacts.

* EQ Eight has an improved user interface and a 64 bit mode for
increased accuracy.

* The new Spectrum analyzer provides visual feedback for any audio
signals within Live (and it looks really cool!).

* The MIDI engine has been reworked to minimize timing error (jitter)
of recorded MIDI.

* Hardware integration has been streamlined—hardware synthesizers and
effects can now be inserted into device chains just like software

* New memory management technology allows users of large sample
libraries, such as Ableton’s new sampled instruments or third-party
libraries imported via Sampler, to run an impressive number of
instruments at the same time. This happens automatically, with no
setup changes required.

* New audio and MIDI fact sheets explain exactly how signals are (or
are not) being modified when using specific features in Live and
provide tips for achieving the highest quality results.

Live 7 brings the features most frequently requested by our users.

* Time signature changes can be inserted in the Arrangement timeline
and tied to Session scenes.

* Warped and unwarped video can be exported to files.

* Multiple automation lanes per track can be displayed and edited at
the same time.

* A new „tempo nudge“ function makes it easier to synchronize to live
musicians or DJs.

* REX files can be dragged, dropped and played just like WAV or AIFF

* Live, Operator and Sampler have received many small improvements and
additions based on users‘ requests.

The new „Drum Rack“ streamlines beat production via an easy
drag-and-drop interface and brings endless creative possibilities.

* A familiar drum pad interface allows dragging and dropping of
samples, instruments and effects.

* Every pad can have its own Sampler, Simpler, Operator, or any other
virtual instrument or plug-in, and its own individual effects chain.

* The slicing feature fills a Drum Rack with the individual hits from
REX or audio loops. The original sequence is represented as a MIDI
clip, making it easy to replace, reshuffle or re-record the events
and process them individually.

* A Drum Rack can have its own sends, returns and submixes.

* Every pad can be shown as a mixer channel in the Session View.

* Each drum can be dragged out of its Rack for isolated pattern
control and editing.



by AAS (Tasmann!)..

The new add-on instruments are the result of Ableton’s collaboration
with leading industry partners. The palette covers physical models of
electric pianos, analog synthesizers and string instruments as well as
multi-mic/multilayer sampled acoustic drums, drum machines,
orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The instruments
integrate tightly into Live, both in terms of workflow and resource

* TENSION is a physical modeling string synthesizer based on the
advanced technology found in String Studio from Applied Acoustics
Systems (AAS, Through the use of
mathematical models, Tension simulates each component of a stringed
instrument. Tweak everything from how the string is played—with a
pick, bow or hammer—to the size and type of instrument body used.
Create incredibly accurate reproductions of real instruments or
design otherworldly hybrids, all within Live’s familiar working

* ELECTRIC offers the much sought-after sounds of classic electric
pianos. Based on AAS’s acclaimed Lounge Lizard, Electric uses the
same advanced physical modeling synthesis technology and integrates
perfectly into Live’s workflow. Because Electric uses synthesis,
users can dive inside and play with the guts of the instrument—the
hammers, tines, pickups and more—to achieve just that right amount
of melancholy or bark and bite.

* ANALOG emulates the unique circuitry and irresistible tweakability
of vintage analog synthesizers, employing the renowned physical
modeling technology of AAS’s Ultra Analog. Analog is a creative
workhorse that features versatile alias-free oscillators, multimode
filters, syncable LFOs, looping envelope generators and much more.
Able to produce everything from silky pad sweeps to earth-shaking
bass, Analog is also completely integrated in Live’s familiar

* SESSION DRUMS is a meticulously multisampled library of acoustic
drums that reproduces the nuances of a recording session and puts
you in the engineer’s seat. Session Drums gives you full control of
the close mics for each drum as well as the overheads and room mics,
so you can craft the perfect drum mix for your songs. Session Drums
also includes stereo kits appropriate for various musical styles and
a variety of MIDI grooves to speed up the production process.
Session Drums was created in collaboration with ChocolateAudio
(, makers of the critically acclaimed
„Imperial Drums.“

* DRUM MACHINES offers a choice selection of classic drum machines,
meticulously sampled and programmed by Ableton content developer
PureMagnetik (, to faithfully reproduce
the original sounds. Drum Machines is easily tweaked with cleverly
mapped controls, allowing users to experiment with the inner
workings of the instrument and adjust to taste.

collections of sampled orchestral instruments featuring a number of
variations and articulations, created in partnership with SONiVOX
(, a leading provider of premium sampled
instruments. Recorded with the expertise of world-class musicians,
engineers and producers, these collections put a world of authentic
symphonic possibilities at the composer’s fingertips. The Orchestral
Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion collections take advantage
of complete integration with Live and its new resource-efficient
sample engine, allowing users to work with an impressive number of
instruments in their compositions.

* ESSENTIAL INSTRUMENT COLLECTION 2 is a multi-gigabyte collection of
meticulously sampled and selected instruments, offering a choice
selection of acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drums,
orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds and more. Version 2 adds
acoustic and electronic drums as well as presets optimized for
better sound quality and faster loading.

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