All hail to the max (4 live) – probability & real hard wired steps. Wahrscheinlichkeitsmaschinen.


Just because of THIS I really got happy today. a HUGE Thing if you do that kind of music that I do – but not just this. I always likes the „probability“ aspect of a step in a step sequencer, but all I could do was making Clavia G2 patches that come close but just for some steps 8 or 16. I need 128 ;) So, this may be a wonderful start for nice music. Remember? Talking about Probability? It was about Max but not the first time. I always tried to come around this time consuming thing but..

Ich freu mir einfach grade nur mal nen Bein raus, weil sowas jetzt geht: Wahrscheinlichkeitssteps setzen. Keine Hardware kann das bisher, alles muss man selber machen ;)

Max ist von Cycling74 und ein Zusatz zu Ableton Live. Ohne das geht es nicht.

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