Chezz Media Waveterm D, D5000 & Matrix 12 Emulations

Chezz Media doing some software Emulators. This one is obviously the PPG Waveterm with Wave 2.3 -> Wonder why the disc slots are „emulated“? ;)
Waveterm D

very interesting what they say about future stuff

In spring 2009 (that was 1 year ago, in’nit?) we will present you some further legendary synthesizer emulations. We plan to rebuilt Oberheims flagship the MATRIX 12, also Rolands jupiter 4 and the JX 3/8 P. So watch out for information and keep this page in your mind.

that’ll be hard to do % be curious for the next time

Well, they state it’s available Jan.2009 – so it might not get real this decade.

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