EMS Synthi being built: 40 pcs – EMS Synthi A + VCS3 werden gebaut

See Forum: Jetzt geht es los: EMS Synthi A + VCS3 werden gebaut.

After many long delays we are now expecting to re-start production of the Synthi A and VCS3 at the end of this month.
We only have enough of the original Synthi A cases for 40 units, and when these
are all used-up we intend to redesign this product. Inevitably it will change
into something a bit different, but we have every intention of continuing with a
similar portable instrument.

In contrast the wooden cabinets for the VCS3 can still be made and we currently
have 30 ready for use in production. So we are hoping to continue to make this
available in its original form for several more years.

Please note that although we are not currently offering any keyboards for sale
(KS or DK2), we are hoping to make the mechanical keyboard DK2 available again
shortly after we have restarted Synthi production. We will also be trying to re-
introduce a variant of the KS touch-keyboard sequencer in due course. As yet no
price is available for either.

Many would-be customers have been waiting for several years for production to
restart, and we have been operating a waiting list system. The waiting list for
the Synthi A is already over-subscribed by double the number of available cases.
But people are still joining in the hope that enough of the long-term waiters
will have dropped out when we re-establish contact with them. Deposits for
Synthi As are now only accepted on the understanding that there is an
increasingly slim chance that one of the last original Synthi As will be
available to purchase. The separate waiting list for VCS3s remains open.
At the moment we are quoting a notional lead-time of 18 months for Synthi As and
VCS3s, although once we start delivering completed units we should be able to be
a bit more specific. Prices are 3000.00 GBP for the Synthi A and 3200.00 for the
VCS3 (excluding VAT – if you live in the EEC).

If you want to join the waiting list we just need a deposit in the form of a
personal cheque (NOT a bank draft), made out to EMS and mailed to the above
address, for the equivalent of 150.00 GB pounds (USD or euros accepted). We will
NOT attempt to bank or cash deposit cheques and at any time you can request its
return, for example if you managed to find a used Synthi on ebay or elsewhere.
To keep track of progress you are always welcome to email for an update.

The Synthis we are making are to the original Mk2 design using the original
components. Various modifications may be also added – a list is available on
Let me know if you need any further information.

Best wishes – Robin Wood

see EMS Page,

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