instant sample-to-synthesizer Reaktor Ensemble Skanner (free) algorithmicalizes samples

you need to register, but it’s free. this is a synth, that samples a sounds (looks like it is sort of algorithmically?) so you can say it instantly samples any sound and „converts“ it into something playable without being a real audio sample actually. sounds strange? the last time I heard about things like this was, when Technos Acxel Digital Synthesizer  was released – but does not look exactly like it – don’t know what „they“ have used (Stefan Schmitt, the founder of NI programmed it).  – so maybe try it out .. SKANNER 

ok, no it really „scans“ through the sample and since it has LFO and ENV (more than just ADSR) you can jump withing the sample and add some feedback-FM-style noise. so forget about Acxel. nice for some cool drone basics as well.

Forum: „Skanner“ für NI Reaktor

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