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Workstations – from M1 to Triton, Trinity, Karma
Wavestation + Korg Legacy soft emulation (wavestation, poly6, ms20)

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most PICs : click image to enlarge!! here:
Korg Wavestation
– 1-4 vector DCOs that can play samples includes all waves of the sequential prophet VS, with vector envelope you could record the volume amounts of those 4 Oscillators by an x-y axis joystick controlled field. the other big thing here is the WAVESEQUENCE , with wavesequences you can play midisynced lists of samples, that can be edited on the wavestation. its the same samples as those used for the vector synthesis. the filter had no resonance so you had to make a wave sequence that simply plays div. samples that make a „resonant“ sound when played sample for sample through the „cue list“.. there is a keyboard version, an expanded version called wavestation EX and a nice A/D version featuring a stereo input that can be used to feed the internal FX processor (vocoder inside!but AD only (2 unit 19″ or KB)) ! 19″ rack (1 unit high called SR) was also available. the samples are all at 32khz sample rate.
only the trintiy, triton had higher sample rates..
often compared tosort of a sample based wavetable synthesizer
(ppg wave and waldorf wave and microwave series)

part of the newer Korg Legacy (analog) software collection and ms20-like controller the wavestation got some resurrection.. ;)

(D) XT gegen Wavestation – ein vergleich! (german)

korg wavestation EX
korg wavestation EX

Wavestation from 1990 – no being emulated by a software from the same company: legacy

M1 – 1988
N Series


Trinity – 1995
Triton – 1999

it started all with the m1 in 1988, a rom based synthesizer with sequencer .. they called it workstation, because it was the first synth to make a full demo with just one machine incl. drums. the m1 was followed by other workstations like 01w which had waveshaping as a basic shaping method because the filters had no resonance.

the complete M,N,X and T Series only differed in keyboard size and ROM size from 4MB to 8 and 16MB).. thats all beside the LFO wave random was added on later models (N,X..) 01W added a waveshaper to fiill the space of the missing resonance problem

Trinity started another new series of workstations which first changed the sample rate from 32khz to 48khz, it had a real filter now which was cut down a bit on the triton series, but you could load your own samples into it,korg triton le
later Triton was downsized to LE versions (cheaper versions), karma integrated a new kind of composition or accompainment system/sequencer with triton soundengine (plus MOSS board) which is also part of oasys 2005..
trintiy, triton and karma were ready to have a MOSS board installed , which is in fact a prophecy respectively a Z1.. see the MOSS section for more..more on the korg romplers soon..

KORG LEGACY – the new MS20??
Korgs new approach – the MS20 as a controller (usb) keyboard with patchcords emulates the MS20’s surface, the sound comes from a win xp pc or os x mac then.. but you get a korg polysix and korg wavestation and some fx.. all for about us$490
one may not be able to use the patchcords for audio patching from outside, but as long as you only use the ms20’s internal patch-jacks it works ;)
related links / an emulation of:

click image –>>

any of the 3 is an EXTRA app. there is also one app for ms20 and poly6 sounds and another „standalone“ wavestation. it is quite similar to the original with „a big display“.. ok but I could image more like own samples and better visual control, but it is ok.. not that „innovative“ but good for WS fans anyway.. the quality of the ms20 and poly6 is about that of arturia moog and the like.. it is still not exactly the same but as long as you do not have the original it is ok so far.. the WS is the „best“ on here, sounds the same.. more close than ms20.. no, it is not a BAD ms20 emu,but it is indeed an emulation. i did not manage to run the WS and other apps at the same time, maybe it was due to its beta status.. or performance issues on the demo pcs.. so watch out for this..

korg legacy ms20 controller
legacy patchcords ms20

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