New iMacs arrive- Same but thinner? Now 4core & 3.06Ghz + Magic Multitouch Mouse

Engadget. shows the new iMacs, thinner. The new „Magic Mouse“ looks a bit thin – too thin like most of Apples Mice. Seems it is a cam lens checking the surface. anyway. Seems a nice new start. the new mouse has multi touch functionality which seems to be cool and a good idea. more than that. so it looks like it has no buttons but has in fact a multitouch sensor incl. gesture recognition. So this thing might be a nice mice situation. might? mighty? yes, mighty mouse is now no longer in stock – there’s another company struggling for some rights, pantents etc..

But one more re-tinking: These new iMacs are worth it. Quadcore, cool Screen, FW800 and almost 3.06Ghz to catch up with Multicore/Multithread, the new Mouse and the all „Apple“ way of using it is a goog thing at quite ok prices. The new Macbook doesn’t look as good as the new iMacs to me. At least for the musician. I think I like them.

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