Oberheim Alternatives: Semtex, Semblance, Omega 8, etc.

Studio Electronics Omega 8, ATX1, SE1x, Obie Rack etc.
SSB Banana – a nice OB Xa?
everything else Oberheim did..
Cyclone, Ob Xk, etc..


the others..

there are 2 SEM alternatives: the SEMtex by anyware and the semblance by analogue solutions.. the SEMtex has a lot more (2 suboscs, mor modulation, ringmod etc.. while the semblance has midi and is quite close to the SEM.. they both sound good..)here’s the SEMtex OSC + filter section.. it’s all modular..

SEMtex is available with LFOs and ENVs and as a modular version.. XL and S

Anyware SEMtex S Synthesizer
SemblanceSEM alternatives?
ever checked the analogue solutions semblance?
hear audio of SEM, check the SEM section..
looks like an oberheim?
but it isn’t – it is a
banana sold via a company that closed it’s doors in in 1999

it was a 6 voice synth quite close to oberheim design..
but it is not oberheim.. ;)2 VCOs , LFO standard routings , quite OB-Xa’ish 2 ENVs , 24dB/oct LPF

Banana Synth
banana  synthesizer
click image to enlarge..
thx viewermail studio for pic!
some oberheims..
Obie Rack
omega 8
the oberheim modular (hmm. it’s more some mods of several SEMs.. but there has been one pic on the net.. but I do not really believe in a real oberheim modular..),
the oberheim digital sequencer,
cyclone = the oberheim arpeggiator,
masterkeyboard oberheim xk had an arpeggiator with random play in it..aware of „OBIE Rack“ and other quite „american“ short forms of any Oberheim, lust be sure what you are buying then.. some SEM’s make an „obie rack“ as well as a racked OBXa .. and studio electronics omega 8 (below) and other „clones“..
„emulating“ or better „cloning“ the (oberheim) ob8 or more? the studio electronics omega8 comes with
2 VCOs midi controllable!.. but not really „cheap“..
(the blue one 3Units, but a full sized OB-8 clone)
but maybe the ATX1 with OB module is a nice choice?

SE also did the obie rack, which was simply a moded ob8 for rack use.. out of sale today.. so they did the omega 8 and updated it over time..

and the minimoog-like se1-x „clone“ of the minimoog. extras like sync and lfo.. the envs are not as fast as the minis but it is an alternative.. since it has 3 planned LFOs and modulations routings that a mini does not provide..
check the studio electronics site
made in the US.

the ATX1 (the 2Units blue one): has a standard the atc has filter modules that can be exchanged: arp, moog,tb303.. but not knobs, anyway it sounds!
structure but exchangeable filters: atm there are SEM (oberheim), 2600 (ARP), 303 (Roland) and the internal one is „moog“.. it’s (like the other ones) not the cheapest one, but possibly the only one with exchangeable filters! the system with all filter modules (internal) is around $1411 plus shipping. so europeans may not get it that cheap..

SE-1 (se-1x) this is a very minimoog like „clone“, it sounds very much like one but its envelopes are not as snappy and short like the original.. SE always wanted to make Pro5, Minimoogs and OB8s in a rack, so, here they are, still..

the ATC-X is a little offspring , a „mini“ like synth, not many mod capabilities but a very good sound, the overall sound of SE products are all very good and high quality.. the very cool thing on the ATC-X is the quasd filter: TB303, ARP2600, Moog and Oberheim SEM switchable! there is a „single filter“ version available missing out the X: ATC-1 the blue on on the picture is the X ..

studio electronics omega 8
studio electronics SE1
studio electronics synthesizer rack
studio electronics se1x
SE1x studio electronic moog „clone“
pic thanks to plasmatron
furthermore..well the OB-12 is NOT an alternative to oberheim gear since it really does not sound almost near analogue fatness.. sorry.. – the „NON-oberheim“ ob12 – it’s a viscount. do not confuse the „cool name“ OB12 with the SEM based OB or any other real oberheim.. the real Tom Oberheim did „Marion systems“ later..
this one is the ob12 by viscount and completely digital:
Oberheim OB12 viscount
enlarge? click image.. and more… image thanks to jörg

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