Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – easy Synthpop

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel – YouTube. well, the name – but there’s gear, vintage gear to see all over the place – and this is a catchy pop tune. and yes, I saw the Microkorg as well, but also Drumulator, Monopoly, TR707, even though they are not audible in this video exept the Microkorg I guess. have fun! French Synthpop and are they cute? in the meantime if you feel mixed, maybe check out this.


  1. Die Stangen an dem Mikrokorg könnten vom Keyboardständer sein, auf dem der Synth steht und so als Unterlage für was anderes (für n Glas Bier vielleicht, oder n Aschenbecher) dient.

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