Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – easy Synthpop

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel – YouTube. well, the name – but there’s gear, vintage gear to see all over the place – and this is a catchy pop tune. and yes, I saw the Microkorg as well, but also Drumulator, Monopoly, TR707, even though they are not audible in this video exept the Microkorg I guess. have fun! French Synthpop and are they cute? in the meantime if you feel mixed, maybe check out this.

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  1. Die Stangen an dem Mikrokorg könnten vom Keyboardständer sein, auf dem der Synth steht und so als Unterlage für was anderes (für n Glas Bier vielleicht, oder n Aschenbecher) dient.

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