padKontrol Monomulator for PadKontrol & APC – like Monome

TrackTeam Audio is proud to present Monomulator, a Monome 40h emulator for your Korg PadKontrol. Up Till now you needed a Monome to enjoy all of those nice community inspired Monome Apps. Now you can use these apps with your PadKontrol.
Monomulator is a light non-cpu intense application that utilizes the PadKontrol’s Native Mode. Monomulator receives SYSEX from the padKontrol and converts it to OSC messages that can be read by Monome Apps.

To Download: You will see where to download the file. Enjoy!

Right now OS X only. Windows version coming, but want to iron out all kinks beforehand.
If you would like to be informed when the windows version is released send an email to replace AT with @with subject „monomulator“ and we will mail you when it is released
Only Tested with MLR 2.25 and up.

To see an example of what this does. check out:

@ Forum: TrackTeam Audio – Free App – Monomulator for PadKontrol

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