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S-Modular – Synth App

S-Modular – DesignByPaul ist ein Modular-Synth für iOs und einfach zu bedienen, er ist nicht der allererste – aber er erfüllt alle Ideen, die man bei Modular normalerweise im Kopf hat. Wo Jasuto ja nicht mehr weiter entwickelt wird, geht man nun eher in das klassische Konzept des Modular-Synthesizers.

S-Modular is a classic approach and stands for semi modular – which is a bit „underneath the truth“ since you can freely patch all modules – but since Jasuto will no longer be updated (that guy went to Apple – which is sort of the problem to maintain it)..
anyway – Design by Paul isn’t the first one but a good approach to it.

Alternativen wären / Alternative Modular Synths on iOs:

Modular Synthesizer – Pulse Code, Inc.
zMors Modular – mobile only
maybe – Model 15 as well. Model 15 – Moog Music – which is a bit less since it offers just a few modules but sounds great.

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