Squarp Eurorack Sequencer Hermod + Erica Module

Squarp, Hersteller des Pyramid Sequencers bauen faktisch genau den in kleinerer Form und ohne Lauflichttaster als 8-Spur CV/Gate Sequencer – Hermod – nicht Hermode.

Squarp just posted this video where you can see the Hermod, a small eurorack version of the pyramid sequencer – 8 channel – CV/Gate with MIDI and USB. it’s sort of a smaller version since the TR-style pads can not be there (size!)

Neue Erica Synths Module – unter anderem ein Multimode-Doppel-Filter:
New Erica Modules – e.g. dual filter with CV for resonance (LPF, BPF, HPF modes at the same time):
others are / andere: trigger to gate and 3x panning

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