Surface by Microsoft (again) + Multitouch Macbooks?

As posted earlier here, here’s another Video which looks a lot like Apples iPhone Gesture controller but bigger and cooler, there are rumours around, Apples next Macbook might have multi touch screens, if so it could be a small revolution – I really look forward to replace the old mouse and keyboard stuff on some things.. so here’s the Surface video from Popular Mechanics and the Link to the Macbook Rumour.. ok, it’s only about the touchpad, imho it should be on every screen.

Macbook Gerücht über Multitouch-Bildchirm-Kraftbücher™ – naja, ok es geht hier nur um das TouchPAD, leider, obwohl es m.E, absolut an der Zeit wäre Screen dieser Art einzuführen und endlich das nervige Mausgeschiebe weniger wichtig zu machen. Werden wir dann also zu Schubsern™ statt Schiebern?
und ein Bericht dazu in MacTV

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