Logic X 10.2 + (ex Camel Audio) Alchemy are one / in neuer Einheit und viele Features

CDM says, Alchemy will be part of Logic Pro X. So if you are a user, you will be an alchemy-user soon, which is a good thing – maybe they do more than this in the future. But they finally got something interesting added to the „why Logic X today“ list. Btw.- FX and things like „Phat“ which were cool and fast tools for producing music might be in and integrated sooner or later as well, since it totally makes sense. And there will be connections between Logics Sampler and…

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Camel Audio is now owned by Apple – Apple kauft Camel Audio

it’s now for sure – Camel Audio has been acquired by Apple. As a user we can refer to CA’s service until this Summer / July. So expect something to come in Logic / Garage Band 10.2 right? And Apps? Expect no Windows stuff anymore! New „formal“ Address is now Apple London / (Heather Joy Morrison), that’s why it is known now – not that Apple ever have posted something official ;) Ja, Camel Audio (Alchemy und diverse Plugins wie „Space“ und „Phat“..) gehören jetzt Apple, dh. wir können wohl…

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Logic Pro X10.1 (2015)

hey, Apple seems to keep working on Logic X – and .. not being at NAMM (I think) here is a run down image stolen from CDN – see link above! – since apple .. well – never got an NFR or so.. so.. Automation by regions org’ed plugins multi touch EQ support + app retro synth + wavetables (so this is catching up with retrologue etc.) A NEW COMPRESSOR <—!!! the old one was sooo $%$%!! new quantize mode called „smart quantize“ names can be seen – got handles…

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Logic @ App Store – Logic Pro X coming?

Apple is kind of strange, from now they sell Logic Pro 9 for 150€ and Main Stage 2 for 24€, of course it’s smaller (430MB). So Logic X might be one step closer, and since they actually SELL Logic Pro 9 it looks a LOT like a completely new non compatible Logic Pro X coming sooner or later. Since they don’t need package and posting it it’s cheaper – but they also threw away all those sound packages on the DVDs, most of the built in effects are unchanged since…

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