Xplorer Oberheim Xpander & Matrix 12 Realtime-Editor/Automator (PC only)

Xplorer. is a PC only (looks like it) project, he says

ok, here’s a newer demo of it – in action –

Xplorer - an Oberheim Matrix-12 and Xpander editor - realtime demo (full setup)

his document is a rework of three old text files dealing with the Oberheim Xpander / Matrix-12 MIDI implementation.  This rework was done in order to get a more human readable set of information. Changes or additional information about the MIDI implementation were added when required. Redundant information between theses files was removed. A sample C/C++ source code of a single patch viewer is included in the archive. and looks like this:

Xplorer’s goal is to control in real-time all of the 226 parameters of a Xpander tone.
No release date planned.
news, sounds and more: http://xplorer.programmer.free.fr

Download it here.

He also has Owner & Service Manual up, some info on the CEMs used and the Display data as well.


  • SysEx tone file load/save
  • Edit of the 226 parameters (*)
  • Real time MIDI automation for all the parameters, free assignable control changes, and even for filter modes (*)
  • Copy/paste for TRACK, ENV, LFO, RAMP (eg: copy ENV1 to ENV4)
  • Rename patch, go to patch
  • Real-time update of all the parameters when the user tweaks the Xpander’s knobs (dual editing can be done without to have to reload the whole tone and resync the Xpander and the PC)
  • Tone randomizer (some sound examples will be posted soon)
  • VFD-like display
  • Bug report generator
  • Now shares the same software architecture with the GB-800 software programmer (A Roland PG-800 software emulation)

(*) Mod matrix is buggy

Need testing/fixing:

  • Mod matrix editing
  • Mod matrix synchronization when being edited on the Xpander
  • Erroneous page jump when receiving too much MIDI automation for parameters in different pages (this is mainly due to the Xpander that needs some time to jump to a parameter page)
  • UI needs to be finished (It’s currently only a prototype. Disabled controls, up/down control, colors for automated parameters,etc.. has to be done). Some controls need to be resized to enable touch screen handling.

Not yet implemented/done:

  • Menu
  • extract tone SysEx from bank
  • I18n for UI
  • Vista/W7 testing
  • Installer, automated update
  • Licensing

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