Boiler Room richtig gemacht.

Irgendwo im Keller habe ich noch einen Stapel Trax Records Platten. Die klingen wie Teile des Sets. Sehr acidisch.
Habs eben im Corona-Streams-Thread gepostet.
Muss es auch nochmal hier im Boiler Room-Thread posten...
Live-Mitschnitt vom 26.03. von Helena Hauff beim Boiler Room / Streaming from Isolation #4

"Our quarantine queen Helena Hauff, live under lockdown. This week, we're raising funds for Global FoodBanking Network, whose global work providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty is crucial at this time. Next week, funds will go to a different charity; feel free to send us suggestions in the chatroom, where we will also be sharing other causes to support."

Tracklist :
01. [00:00] DMX Krew - Zone Dance [Breakin' Records]
02. [03:18] The Exaltics - It's Not What It Seems Like (The Exaltics Infiltration Mix) [Clone West Coast Series]
03. [05:57] Aux 88 - Moonwalker [Direct Beat Classics]
04. [09:33] 214 - Lost Shovel [Klakson]
05. [12:57] Negroni Nails - White Matter [Klakson]
06. [17:27] Vladimir Dubyshkin - Rural Woman [Trip]
07. [21:06] Detroit In Effect - There Ain't No Future [M.A.P. Records]
08. [24:00] Detroit's Filthiest - My Soul To Take [Bass Agenda Recordings]
09. [26:03] Linear Search - Drive [Dynamic Reflection]
10. [30:00] Minimum Syndicat - DX Renegade [Minimum Syndicat]
11. [34:03] 1NC1N - Nocturnal Humanoid [Zodiak Commune]
12. [38:21] Minimum Syndicat - Acid Trojan III [Minimum Syndicat]
13. [43:12] Clouds - R.I.P. (Rave In Perpetuum) [Headstrong Records]
14. [48:00] Locked Club - WC [PRIVATE PERSONS]
15. [53:03] Shedbug - Ambroxitil [Lobster Theremin]

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