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  1. Hi all, think some of you can be interesting to hear it !
    Feedback welcome !




    Hello to all Wildtek Concept friends !

    Dimitri Pike - Things

    What it is ?

    Things is a free mp3 release I did to share with all peoples who show interest for my productions and various party's/radio DJ Mix. But this one is a bit different of what you already know from me.

    In place of using all possible elements of production around me, I 've choose to limit myself to a very minimal setup of strictly analog hardware instruments and focus on each sounds in hope to obtain a final result that would be deep, intelligent, futurist, organic, analog, minimal, modern, ...

    Also, due to the equipement used, these tracks can't be reworked. There I explain the deeper side of the project : each track was produced/recorded in less than one hour, trying to write a track that reflect an emotion like a designer or an illustrator do it on a little paper with just few tools or colors as an idea for future projects.

    I offer them as spare tracks for dj's who use Final Scratch, Ableton Live or any other mp3 player.

    I offer them 'mixed' too for those who simply want to listen the whole concept without interruption.

    MP3 - 256 kbps (perfect to convert as wave file and record them on a cd)

    Graphics included (Wallpaper, WebFlyer, CD cover, Read Me, M3u playlist)

    Info ! The mix is around 3 db lower than the tracks due to a compression used to prevent any saturation and offer the listenner a correct sounding experience.

    Why there is a "donate" button ?

    The tracks and the mix are free and you can share them via web, p2p, others ways ...
    I only ask one thing, share it exactly as you downloaded it without any changes. If you really like the job, feel free to support the project by sending a couple of euros/dollars. It will be back at you in the next project or as a gift ...

    Feedbacks, critics, comments highly appreciated. -->

    Much thanks for the time taken to read ... Hope you will enjoy the music !

    More to come ...

    Dimitri Pike

    More infos about Dimitri Pike/Wildtek :