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    Gibt bald ne neue Version des Tyme Safari mit 16 bit

    In early 2011 (sooner rather than later) the Tyme Sefari is getting replaced with a new model that does what the old one did, but with higher maximum quality (switchable between 8/12/12log/16bit, certain settings cut the sampling time in half obviously). Also has sliders for the loop points, tap tempo, cycle LED, and some other fun stuff. This one also does exactly what you tell it to do. Optional memory expansion for doubling the sampling time.

    dann die eigentlich neuen Module:

    4-channel bipolar audio/CV mixer with LED bar graph calibrated to 1 LED/volt. You can mix 4 inputs, optionally inverting each one, with a master offset control. The voltage value of the output is shown on the bar graph from a range of +/-5V shown on a 10-segment display.

    This module can also be used to expand a model 1986 Zorlon Cannon. An additional ribbon cable attaches behind the panel to the Zorlon. The mixer is now normalled to the 4 gate outputs, for pseudorandom stepped sequences. You can break any of the normals and inject your own signals into the sequence by patching into the inputs.


    Suboctave divider with wet/dry mix and stability control. This circuit, designed by Vladimir Kuzmin, is a special octave divider circuit which tends to preserve the timbral qualities of the input in the divided signal. It freaks out in interesting ways if the input signal is noisy or contains many inharmonic components, so a stability control has been added to finely tune the nature of its freakout. This circuit was originally used in the Lider guitar processor, formerly available in the Soviet Bloc.