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mein sixtrak hat immer super funktioniert.. heute schalte ich ihn ein, und ohne dass ich irgendwas mache zählt er auf dem display von 1 bis 6. danach auf 00, aber es kommt kein sound mehr. kein preset funktioniert, nur der stack modus seltsamerweise.. allerdings hört sich der auch seeehr schräg an.
oh mein gott.. was kann ich als synthienoob da tun?
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NV-RAM & Six-Trak Battery

Javier Leon Ramirez ( writes, Is it true that the NV-RAM is obtained only by the back-up battery? In this case: could a 1 to 6 counting when I switch my SIX TRAK due to the fact of not having this battery? and, should I put two aa NI-CD batteries in my Unit or buy a Special one?, I mean the ones that are used in COMPUTERS. A link to Javier's excellent site can be found in the links area

Javier later answered his question and the two of use went back and forth as he answered my questions,.. here is the answer and his answers to my questions,..

Javier answered the question: Ok! after all, the batery used is a simple cell, non recharging. I recomend alkalin ones, that stay longer. If you have a problem like your S-T [Six-Trak} counts from 1 to 6 when you switch it on, try the battery for a packet with two AA tipe cells conected in Serial way. The positive goes to the right and negative to the left.

I had thought that the battery was rechargable,...

Javier responded: I've seen that it is written, that the battery will last 10 years. I'm not sure that they wanted to say it IS rechargeable. One thing more: if you have a look at the schema, you will find that there's a diode (catode to anode) from the power suply to the battery. This configuration only allows to flow current from the battery to the main power system, not in reverse. This is also the reason why the battery MUST be some volts below the main power voltage (5V versus 3V). The static RAMS that are included in the SIXTRAK keep the information if the suply is over 2.5 V. I tested thousand times before conect them to the unit. I don't want it to burn ;-) Other thing is that some SIXTRAK could have rechargeable and some not... who can knows... it seems that each SIXTRAK is different... ,... I tested the connections to the battery and found that no voltage was applied when power was on, so this is not the way to recharge the battery.

Quentin Pond ( adds to the battery discussion,
The 3 volt lithium battery I put into my sixtrak was a Varta code number Lithium CR1/2AASLF this cost me £4.03 in the UK from Maplins (about $6 or $7 US) I am sure you could get this cheaper from Radio Shack. In the same catalogue I have just noticed that a Panasonic lithium Camera battery should also work, code number CR123A, this is exactly the same code number as the battery I removed and should be available from any good camera shop. These batteries are meant for long term use at low current consumption and should last about ten years, they are not rechargeable!!

Justin Rice ( adds yet more information about the battery, and suggests a really easy MOD,
My bandmate and I have two six traks between us, and the battery in his died died. We first tried replacing it with a battery just like it. After we finally got it to solder in place, it only lasted about 4 months. It was very hard to keep the solder leads conducting for some reason. So what we ended up doing was getting a flat lithium 3 volt and similar battery case from Radio Shack. I soldered two wires from the board to the case, and whalah, everything's cool, and now all we have to do is just slip a new one in if the other one wears out. This seems to be safe, anyone disagree? I don't want to fry anything, so let me know. Con<a href="">Sequencer</a>uently, mine seems to be about 12 years old and the original battery is still going fine.

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