Yamaha a5000 sampler questions

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  1. biffco

    biffco .

    hi all
    im a yamaha a5000 user, and have a few questions:
    so there are 32 midi channel, and programs must be assign to them.In a program there are samples and the effects(max 6).
    if i play from my <a href="https://www.sequencer.de/specials/sequencer.html">Sequencer</a>euncer more tracks, the sampler plays the sounds right, but only makes effects only on that midi channel that i have selected with the basicrecievechannel knob...if i select another midi channel with this knob, then will be effect(s) on that selected channel, and on another channel none.why are realtime effects in a program if i cant use them on every channels at the same time...

    couldnt produce this sampler effects on the 32 midichannel on every channel at the same time independently? because of the effect presets are in a program, and programs must be add to a midi channel...(i dont think so, but my older and cheaper soundcard from 1998 can produce 2 effects on 16 channel independently),
    if not, then this is not a logical thing. that could be done by yamaha if the effects would be assigned to the master output...wouldnt?

    thanks if anybody can answer
  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    it's normal not to have FX and all outs, 6 FX are a LOT, midi and FX have nothing to do with each other, btw: there is no Synth or Sampler on the Market, that allows FX for 16 or 32 Slots individually, ok, there is one the Virus TI, but it is really a lot of DSP Power to have the luxury of FX for "each voice".. so expect a hand full of FX in samplers and synths, if you are lucky you got some for each multi(timbre).

  3. biffco

    biffco .

    yes, it seems to be, this sampler cant produce effects, only on that channel that i have selected(its a stupid solution)...its a big problem for me now,
    i feel so now, all the powerfull effects are useless for me... but i need them on a live show or anything...
    is anybody knows any solution or tricks for this sampler?

    thanks your answer moogulator