NAMM 2014 III – Controllers, Izotope Break Tweaker Groovebox Software & Waldorf 2Pole

ok, NAMM is running and it seems most news is/has been said: there is one more thing.. 1) Waldorf shows a Rocket-Sized Box – 2Pole – it’s a filter box – it looks like this: so it has distortion stereo input and an AD envelope with hold and an LFO for control of the filter. […]

Medic Modules EKG Elektro Kardiogramm – Unique 8 Step Analogue Sequencer

this sequencer has some features of the Intellijel Metropolis and Ryk 185, but there’s these longer faders seems a 2-module sequencer so – you need more room for this.. since it reads like Oberkorn / Analogue Solutions – they had this Oberkorn Version which also needs more room compared to the pot-version.. anyway.. the special […]

Mattomat Arpeggiator for Creamware / SonicCore Scope / Xcite

Mattomat is a new Arpeggiator that takes advantage of some step-sequencer features (32 step) and change controllers and velocity very musically. Matthias asked me also what the “electro” people might like so I was well aware of it to come to life sooner or later, the circular 32 step design isn’t the only good thing, it’s […]

Synthboy – Gameboy for Music Dock the Alesis style

SYNTHBOY+ by deathstarchris — Kickstarter. this thing adds MIDI, Controller and Audio in a pro-way. it is not yet ready to ship, you need to crowdfund it to make it real, looks worth it! loveable! -> Forum: SYNTHBOY+ – Ein Gerät im DOCK-Stil wie Alesis für iPad/iOS mit möglichkeit Controller, Audio und MIDI zu erhalten – […]