Apple & Alchemy in GarageBand!

Apple haben Camel Audios Alchemy in einer Preset-Version offenbar bereits in Garage Band verbaut.  Das findet man in deren video bereits auf deren Site. GB ist nicht kostenlos. Generell ist Apple vom iApp-Konzept abgerückt – es ist aber nicht teuer. Aber für Profis und Leser dieses Blogs ist sicher Logic X wichtiger…

Apple have implemented sort of  a light version of Alchemy with Morphing Functions in Garage Band – to be found in this video showing exactly that morph while playing a little nice melody. Maybe we need to wait for the Pro Version in Logic X, but may be part of the next update as well, hopefully with all the controls and editors – otherwise it is just selecting a preset but not really sound research. I have no clue, why – but possibly because they had no cool synth and so – here it is. so. So they needed the MORPH …

So, here’s the chance to get it back..
Release of GB with this feature: 30.6.
Logic Pro X with Alchemy „full“ (as I would expect): !?!
And – GB isn’t free – it 5€ – so you might want to go for Logic X rather than that, right?

garage band os x morph

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6 Thoughts to “Apple & Alchemy in GarageBand!”

  1. […] also jetzt saugen oder nie wieder! Vielleicht taucht das volle Alchemy in Logic X auf, weil in Garageband gibt es die Presetversion […]

  2. ang toro

    It is really sad .-( that many presets in garageband 10.1.0 do not work anymore because this new update for Alchemy/ Mainstage 3. Knows somebody the solution?

    1. I don’t – no a GB user and not using presets anyway. so – sorry.

      1. ang toro

        Thank you for you answer.
        I mean all M.St.3 presets was working in GB – till the update with new presets including Alchemy. now comes only the popup
        „The preset you are attempting to load was created with a newer version of Alchemy than you have installed, so it cannot be loaded.“
        You know I mean that is really sad, because I bought M.St.3 and could use it in BG with every presets. Also Alchemy presets from last update in july in GB.
        b.r. ang

        1. looks like an inproper integration. not sure if Apple are aware and basically interested but I bet they are. So maybe it’s a good thing to file a bug report to them. They might not respond but they do read their own forums – so maybe just post it to the apple support forums..?

          Apple look like they don’t care but mostly the do..

  3. ang toro

    Thank very much for your help and suggestions. I hope I can give next time an Info.
    Thanks and have an nice time
    b.r. ang

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