FM Synth added to Propellerheads Reason PX7

finally they did something wonderful for all FM Synth lovers like Yamahas DX7 or Software Clones from NI (FM8) or Linplug Octopus (I never owned it, but can play samples additional to the NI one).
well, propellerheads version is quite close to work like the original – means – there is one LFO, one Pitch Envelope and all the 6OP goodness you expect. The Algorithm seems to be very straight from Yamaha’s design, not the matrix-one of the other ones or the MOD7 solution in Kronos/Oasys by Korg.

so – this is sort of a must have if you like and love FM as I do..

px7 FM Synth
px7 FM Synth

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